Vaime Super Silenced Rifle Mk2

Vaime Super Silenced Rifle Mk2

  This Finnish built sniper rifle fires a 7.62mmx51 subsonic round, making almost no sound.  When normal NATO rounds are used, the weapon is treated as suppressed, not silent.  The Mk2 is popular with military, CIA and police departments.  The subsonic round travels almost twice the speed of sound when fired from the Mk2.

Round: 7.62mm N or 7.62mmx51 Subsonic
Wt: 4.1 kg
Magazine: 10i
Price: $ 2 000
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
Vaime Mk2 BA 4 1-2-N 5 10i 4 - 65

* add 15 meters to range when using a scope for aimed shots.

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