Barrett M82A1

Springfield CSAR-8

   Based on the G3 design, the Counter-Sniper Assault Rifle-8 was intended for the military use of counter-sniping.  Able to select automatic fire, this rifle has become popular in many SWAT and ERT departments.  Although accurate and well made, the price of this weapon tends to keep it in the hands of only the wealthy of militaries and personal collections.  Springfield Armouries has built this weapon under the G3 license from HK in Germany.

Round: 7.62mm N
Wt: 4.6 kg
Magazine: 25 box
Price: $4 275
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
Springfield CSAR-8 5 4 1-2-Nil 5 25 4 7 60
Bipod 5 4 1-2-Nil 5 25 3 4 80

* add 15 meters to range when using a scope for aimed shots.

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