Kimber Colt

Kimber Colt .45 (1911A3)

The Kimber Colt is a specially designed pistol created for the serious shooter.  Along with a slightly longer barrel, the Kimber features a larger magazine, larger hammer, high tensile trigger and sharper sights.  The steel skeleton has been replaced with a steel-chrome alloy, making it somewhat lighter.  While highly effective, it is normally only found amoung .45 enthusiasts.  It is available in black or the silver as pictured.

Round: .45 ACP
Wt: 1.3 kg
Magazine: 8 box
Price: $800
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
Kimber Colt .45 SA 2 Nil 1 8 4 - 22

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