Glock 18C Sub

Glock 18C Sub-Machine Pistol

A modified Glock 17, the 18C is a selective fire machine pistol.  When engaged, the selective fire selector allows the 18C to be fired as if a normal pistol.  When disengaged, it fires automatic, as held in by the trigger.  Like most machine pistols, the 18C is not as effective as an SMG when in automatic, though it is capable enough for those seeking a less bulky means of firepower.  the 33 round magazine adds 1 to the bulk

Round: 9mmP
Wt: 0.9 kg
Magazine: 17/19/33 box
Price: $1 300
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
 Glock 18C 3 1 Nil 1/2 17/19/33 3 8 18

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