Browning DA

Browning DA

The Browning Double Action pistol is an update to the almost mythical Browning HP; regarded as one of the world's finest pistols.  An expensive weapon, the the DA has begun to filter into military services, though it is still too early for it to live up to its famous heritage.  The DA is an ambidextrous weapon.  Popular with Mercs, this weapon has not been tested any great deal in combat.

Round: 9mmP
Wt: 0.98 kg
Magazine: 15 box
Price: $500
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
 Browning DA SA 1 Nil 1 15 3 - 12


FN 5.7mm Five-seveN{RT} Pistol

  Firing the same round as the P90, the 5.7mm FN{RT} was a long time in development.  This light, powerful pistol is made of steel with a composite cover, using a delayed blowback system with a double action only mechanism.  The loaded pistol is always ready to fire, as there is no de-cocking lever and no hammer to cock.  Once the trigger is pulled, all safeties are re-engaged as soon as a bullet is fired.

Round: 5.7mm
Wt: 0.6 kg
Magazine: 20 box
Price: $1 000
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
FN 5.7mm Five-seveN{RT} SA 1 1-Nil 1 20 4 - 12


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