Giat PolyArme POlyProjectiles

Giat PolyArme POlyProjectiles (PAPOP)

 - Thanks to 'Werewolf'

   This is the French equivalent to the OICW, PAPOP stands for "PolyArme, POlyProjectiles. It is a 35 mm grenade launcher with a 5.56mm rifle. It does have electro-optics that can be connected to a helmet sight or transmitted to HQ. Work has been done by GIAT and FN, among others (FN was a partner in the AAI proposal for the OICW.)  The PAPOP uses a 35mm round because the French believe a smaller round cannot be effective. The 200 g round must have a lower muzzle velocity than the 20 mm OICW, and thus a shorter range (although the attention to recoil abatement suggest a much higher veloity than the 40mmx26R). Also the PAPOP has a three round tube magazine rather than the 6 rd box mag of the OICW. The explosive round is especially interesting because it can be programmed with different fragmentation patterns. This would reduce the minimum safe arming distance of the grenade.

Round: 5.56mm N/ 35mm
Wt: 5.5 kg
Magazine: 25 and 3 box
Price: $4 000
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
Giat PAPOP 5 3 1-Nil 6 25 3 5 55


Weapon ROF Mag Rng Ammo Dam Pen
35mm SA 3 100 HE C3, B12 Nil
IFR:  .5 km 100 HEDP C3, B12 4C

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