H&K G11/G11K2

   A weapon of radical design and great effectiveness, the G11 and G11K2 (Improved) were due to replace the G3 and Uzi in the German military as the standard assault/SMG weapon.  Due to funding problems after reunification, the G11 was scrapped, though the G11 and G11K2 were produced internationally, and thus may still be found on the market.  A true 'bull-pup' weapon, the G11 fires the rare 4.7mm case-less ammunition.  This case-less ammo is used up during firing, so with nothing to eject, the G11 is a reliable weapon in extreme environments.

Round: 4.7mm Cls
Wt: 4 kg
Magazine: 50/45 box
Price: $800
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
G11 3 3 1-Nil 4 50 2 3 55
G11K2 3 3 1-Nil 4 45 2 2 50


Heckler & Koch G36

   Constructed entirely of carbon fiber reinforced polymer, the G36 is a popular assault rifle for both is reliability and the folding stock which can make it more carbine like.  The G36 is modular, and has several offspring, as in the G36C.  Seen here with standard scope, the G36 is similar to the C7A, as well as taking its clear 30 round magazine.

Round: 5.56mm N
Wt: 3.3 kg
Magazine: 30 box
Price: $1 550
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
G36 5 3 1-Nil 4/5 30 2/3 6/8 45/55


Heckler & Koch SABR OICW

   The winner of the Objective Individual Combat Weapon running held by the US, the SABR, or Selectable Assault Battle Rifle, has come online for a small group of selected units.  The OICW is a combination weapon of 5.56 and 20mm anti-aircraft capability.  Though cumbersome, the weapon is versatile with a mounted night vision sight.  This sight is also a camera, which can rely live feed to the user's helmet mounted eye piece, or back to HQ or commander's eye piece.

Round: 5.56mm N/ 20mm
Wt: 6 kg
Magazine: 20/30 and 6 box
Price: $9 000
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
HK OICW 3/10 3 1-Nil 6 20/30 3 5 55


Weapon ROF Mag Rng Ammo Dam Pen
20mm SA 6 150 HE C3, B12 Nil
IFR:  1km 150 HEDP C3, B12 4C

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