FN F2000


   Considered by many as one of the best assault rifles in the world, the FNC is a smaller and more modern version of the FN-FAL Battle rifle.  The FNC can be fitted with 40mm grenade launcher and sights, as with the M-16.

Round: 5.56mm N
Wt: 4 kg
Magazine: 30 box
Price: $700
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
FN FNC 5 3 1-Nil 3 30 3 4 45


FN F2000

   The newest in Spec Op weapons, the F2000 is a P90-style assault rifle that can be modified to suit specific missions.  Like the P90, the F2000 is completely ambidextrous, with the casing being ejected near the front of the weapon.  The model shown here has the 40mm grenade launcher mounted, though it can be replaced with standard handgrips or a laser pointer.  The sight is a x1.6 starlight scope.

Round: 5.56mm N
Wt: 3.9 kg
Magazine: 30 box
Price: $2 600
Weapon ROF Dam Pen Blk Mag SS Brst Rng
FN F2000 5 3 1-Nil 3 30 3 4 45
* Add 15 meters to the first two aimed shots, due to the scope.


Type ROF Rng IFR Rnd Dam Pen
F2000 40mm Grenade Launcher 1 100 400 HE C:3, B:15 Nil
100 400 HEDP C:3, B:15 4C
30 - Flechette 12* 1-Nil
100 400 CHEM C:1, B:5 Nil
100 400 ILLUM B: 125 Nil

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