Republic of Yemen

Republic of Yemen

UN Nation



Population:  18 078 000 (Republic) Capitol City:  Sanaa Lit. Rate: 38%

Chief Of State:  President Field Marshall Ali Abdallah Salih

Head of Government:  Prime Minister Abd al-Qadir Ba Jamal

Abyan 'Adan Al Bayda' Al Hudaydah
Al Jawf Al Mahrah Al Mahwit 'Ataq
Dhamar Hadhramawt Hajjah Ibb
Lahij Ma'rib Sa'dah San'a

Major Cities: Aden, Mocha

Ethnicity:  Arab, Afro-Arab, Asian, European

Lang:  Arabic

Religion:  Sunni and Sha'i Muslim, small amounts of Jewish, Christian, Hindu

History:  North Yemen became independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1918.  The British withdrew from Aden in 1967, then South Yemen became a Marxist government.  For twenty years the North and South states fought until they were officially unified in 1990.  There is still much hatred, and revolutions are common place.  Women's rights are almost non-existent in Yemen, as it is one of the mid-east's poorest nations.

Twilight (Merc) History

Current Issues:  Yemen is safest within the cities.  Outside, the tribes rule the territory.  The government has sent troops out into the landscape to show their authority, though this is met with harsh resistance.

Currency:  Yemeni Rial

Exchange: 164.5 per US Dollar

Yemeni Military Forces


Army Navy Air Force
Coast Guard Air Defence Force Presidential Guards
Military Ranks:  
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