Vickers Valiant Mk 4

Vickers Valiant Mk 4

 United Kingdom, South Africa, Asia

- Thanks to 'Werewolf'

    This conventionally designed MBT was built in England, though has never been used by the Royal Forces.  It's main buyers are of the African and Asian market.  During the Twilight War, many British tankers made fun of these easy to use and maintain MBT's, until their own high-tech tanks began to break down due to rough battlefield conditions, and the lack of uncommon spare parts.

Travel Move: 110/90
Combat Move: 55/45
Fuel Cap: 1 000
Fuel Consum: 250
Price: $ 170 000 (-/S)

($ 3 750 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Armoured Vehicle

Fire Control: +3
Armament: 105mm Gun, 2x MAG MG's
Stabilization: Poor  Config:     Trt Susp:     T(6)
Ammo: 60x 105mm, 1 800x 7.62mm N TF: 100-Cp HF: 300-Cp
Fuel Type: G, A, D TS: 32 HS: 20
Load: 400 kg TR: 14 HR: 16
 Vehicle Weight: 43 Tons Type Round Rng Dam Pen
Crew: 4 105mm APFSDS 500 26 80/60/60/40
Mnt: 6 Rld: 1 APFSDSDU 500 26 100/90/80/60
Night Vision: Headlights, Passive IR, Thermal   HEAT 400 C:6, B:15 80C
Radiological: Shielded   WP 400 C:3, B:25 Nil
    FLEC 400 1* 1-Nil
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