T-72M1/M2 Moderna


- Thanks to 'Werewolf' 

   As the USSR slowly fell apart, each splinter state began to sell their arms world-wide in a massive attempt for instant cash.  Thousands of T-72's were sold and modified according to each nations taste.  The Moderna is a Czech derivative which mounts reactive armour, a third party fire control computer fire system with laser rangefinder, thermal imaging, and perhaps the most unusual feature; a pair of 20mm Oerlikon KAA autocannons on the back of the turret for anti-personal/aircraft use.  An advanced passive IR detection system allows the crew to know if the tank is under IR notice, or 'painted'.


T-72M1: Modernized T-72A with 125mm Gun and 2x 20mm Oerlikon guns
T-72M2: Modernized T-72M1 with 125mm Gun and 2x 30mm 2A42 autocannons


Travel Move: 120/80
Combat Move: 35/20
Fuel Cap: 950 + 400
Fuel Consum: 410
Price: $ 600 000 (-/R)

($ 3 850 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Armoured Vehicle

Fire Control: +4
Armament: 125mm Gun, PKMG, DSkMG, 2x 20mm Autocannons OR 2x 30mm Autocannons
Stabilization: Good  Config:     Trt Susp:     T(6)
Ammo: 40x 125mm, 2 000x 7.62mmL, 350x 12.7mm, 750x 20mm OR 500x 30mm TF: 70 HF: 100-Cp
Fuel Type: D, A TS: 24 HS: 16
Load: 300 kg TR: 20 HR: 10
 Vehicle Weight: 46 Tons  
Crew: 3 Type Round Rng Damage Pen
Mnt: 16 125mm APFSDS 450 28 100/90/80/60
Night Vision: Headlights, Active/Passive IR, Spotlight Rld: 2 APFSDSDU 450 28 110/100/90/70
Radiological: Shielded   HEAT 400 C:10, B:20 110C
    HE 400 C:14, B:28 1C
  Weapon ROF Mag Rng Ammo Dam Pen
  20mm 10 100B 200 API 10 -2/-4/-6
        200 HE C:1, B:2 -8C
  30mm 5 100B 250 API 16 5/1/-2
        250 HE C:1. B:2 -6C


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