South Korea

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  Afraid of the large North Korean tank armies, and knowing how long it would take to have heavy tanks shipped into the South, Korea looked to its own Defence industry.  The tank had to be built quickly, be effective, and be able to used by US personnel with little to no training.

  The K1 looks similar to a small M-1, and it shares the same controls.  The space, however, inside is much more cramped.



Travel Move: 140/110
Combat Move: 45/35
Fuel Cap: 1 815
Fuel Consum: 400
Price: $ 650 000 (-/S)

($ 4 500 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Armoured Vehicle

Fire Control: +4
Armament: K1: 105mm Gun, 2x M60 MG's, M2HB

K1A1: 120mm Gun, 2x M60 MG's, M2HB

Stabilization: Good  Config:     Trt Susp:     T(6)
Ammo: 47x 105mm OR 32x 120mm, 8 600x 7.62mmN,    1 000x 12.7mm TF: 80-Sp HF: 130-Sp
Fuel Type: G, A, D TS: 30 HS: 14-Sp
Load: 700 kg TR: 14 HR: 14
 Vehicle Weight: 51.1 Tons Type Round Rng Dam Pen
Crew: 4 105mm

Rld: 1


APFSDS 500 26 80/60/60/40
Mnt: 14 APFSDSDU 500 26 100/90/80/60
Night Vision: Headlights, Passive IR, Thermal HEAT 400 C:6, B:15 80C
Radiological: Shielded WP 400 C:3, B:25 Nil
  FLEC 400 1* 1-Nil

Rld: 1

APFSDS 500 28 110/100/90/70
  APFSDSDU 500 26 150/140/130/110
  HEAT 400 C:10, B:25 110C
  WP 400 C:3, B:45 Nil
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