MaK Wiesel 2

MaK Wiesel 1/2


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Developed by Porsche, the Wiesel and Wiesel 2 are multi-purpose air-droppable vehicles used by Germany's airborne forces.  It can be slung beneath a Puma helo, three fitting into a Herc.  Carrying a variety of armaments or functions, the Wiesel is a tracked version of the Jeep of WWII, a concept that is rumoured to be the beginning design for the AVF.  This vehicle is used heavily as a recce model and an anti-tank destroyer.




Wiesel Recce: Standard Wiesel with 20mm turret
Wiesel Recce II: Standard Wiesel with 25mm turret
Wiesel TOW: Wiesel fitted with TOW launcher
Wiesel HOT: Wiesel fitted with HOT launcher
Wiesel Stinger: Wiesel fitted with Stinger missile launcher
Wiesel 2 120mm Mortar: Smoothbore 120mm mortar carrier
Wiesel 2 'Ozelot' ASRAD Air Defence System: 4x Stinger missiles w/Radar
Wiesel 2 Ambulance: Carries three passengers with one stretcher patient, no weapons
Wiesel 2 Command and Control Vehicle: GPS, radio fit and battalion ops center, 7.62mm MG
Wiesel 2 Ammunition Carrier: Holds upto 1 000 kg of ammunition, 7.62mm MG
Wiesel 2 Engineer Recce: Scout versions, 7.62mm MG
Wiesel 2 PRIMAS: Carrier for Robotic unmanned vehicles
Wiesel 2 ARGUS: Recce model with extendable mast mounted surveillance equipment
Wiesel 2 LLX Experimental Vehicle: Prototype electric drive and power supply

( ) - Indicate Wiesel 2



Travel Move: 160/110 (165/115)
Combat Move: 80/55 (85/60)
Fuel Cap: 320
Fuel Consum: 80 (70)


Price: $ 85 000 (R/C)

($ 180 000)

 Combat Statistics:

Armoured Vehicle

Armament: MG3 OR 20mm OR 25mm OR HOT OR TOW OR Stinger
Stabilization: NA  Config:     CIH Susp:     T(3)
Ammo: 500x 7.62mmN OR 200x 20mm OR 180x 25mm OR 8x HOT OR 8x TOW OR 8x Stinger HF: 4    
Fuel Type: D, A HS: 3    
Load: 300 kg (Ammo Carrier: 1 000 kg) HR: 2    
 Vehicle Weight: 5 Tons (4.2 Tons) Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Damage Pen
Crew: 2 MG3 5 125 7.62mmN 4 2-3-Nil
Mnt: 8 20mm 10 250 API 10 3/-2/-5
Night Vision: Headlights, Passive IR, TV Camera   250 HE C:1. B:3 -8C
Radiological: Enclosed 25mm 5 250 APFSDSDU 14 13/9/3
    250 API 14 4/0/-3
    250 HE C:1, B:3 -8C
  Type Rld Max Rng Damage Pen
  TOW IIA 2 3 500 C:12, B:15 220C/180C
  TOW IIB 2 3 500 C:12, B:15 120Cx2
  HOT 2 4 000 C:12, B:15 155C
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