K-30 "BIHO" Self-Propelled Air Defence

South Korea, China

- Thanks to 'Werewolf' 

The third line of defense in South Korea's anti-air capability (The first being Air Force, the second a ring of SAM's), the K-30 is always on the move, to ensure that North Korea cannot pinpoint their location for a preemptive strike.  To help boost the economy, South Korea sold numerous units to China.





Travel Move: 135/85
Combat Move: 30/20
Fuel Cap: 500
Fuel Consum: 188


Price: $ 200 000 (S/R)

($ 559 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Armoured Vehicle

Fire Control: +4
Armament: 2x 30mm Autocannons, M2HB
Stabilization: Good  Config:     Trt Susp:     T(3)
Ammo: 600x 30mm, 500x 12.7mm TF: 11 HF: 29
Fuel Type: D, A TS: 11 HS: 21
Load: 500 kg TR: 8 HR: 8
 Vehicle Weight: 36.8 Tons Weapon ROF Rng Ammo Dam Pen
Crew: 4 M2HB (x2) 5 150 12.7mm 8 2-2-3
Mnt: 12 30mm (x2) 5 250 API 16 5/1/-2
Night Vision: Headlights, FLIR, Radar   250 HE C:1, B:3 -6C
Radiological: Enclosed  


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