BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Russia, Afghanistan, Algeria, Angola, Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech, Egypt, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Mongolia, Mozambique, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Syria, Ukraine, Uruguay, Vietnam, Yemen



   Originally called the Obiekt 765, the BMP-1 or Boevaya Mashina Pekhota, made its debut at the 1967 Moscow Parade.  It was first used in combat during the 1973 conflict between Egypt, Syria and Israel; then again in Afghanistan, Libya, and Angola.

  The layout of the BMP-1 is standard, with the driver sitting in the hull to the left, with the engine to the right.  The commander sits behind him in a 360 degree cupola with searchlight.  Both seats can use periscopes when the trim vane is erected for amphibious operations.  The one man turret is identical to that on the BMD-1 Airborne Combat Vehicle.  The 'Sagger' missile is located atop the gun barrel.




Variants (Read from left to right)
BMP (Obiekt 765): Pre-production model, now obsolete and not in service BMP-1 Model 1970:  Basic Model
BMP-1F: Recce model used in Hungary BMP-1K: Commanders model with extra radio set and antenna
BMP-1K3: Commanders model with two extra radios BMP-1KShM: Unarmed Command variant with EW suite
BMP-1P: BMP-1 model with AT-4 ATGW and 81mm Smoke Launchers BMP-1PK: Commanders model of BMP-1P with extra radio
BMP-1VPV: Hungarian mineclearing version with no turret BMP-1 Kliver: New turret with 30mm cannon, 7.62 MG and 4 Kornet ATGWs
Boure III: Czech version psychological fit - with loud speakers fitted BREM-1: Recovery Vehicle
BREM-4: Recovery Vehicle BRM-1K (M1976): Basic recce vehicle - armoured cavalry
BVP-1: Czech designation for BMP-1 BVP-1K: Czech version of BMP-1K
BPzV: BVP-1 with modified hatches and massive sight @ commanders cupola BWP: Polish designation for BMP-1
AMB-S: Czech ambulance version with no turret and raised superstructure MLI-84: Romanian built BMP-1
MP-31 (AKA 9S743): Czech air-defense command version of BMP-1KShm MU-90: Czech minelaying version of OT-90, with no turret.
OT-90: Czech variant with 14.5mm and 7.62mm MG's instead. DP-90: Czech maintenance version of OT-90
DTP-90M: Czech repair version of OT-90 PRAM-S: Czech 120mm self-propelled mortar system
SVO: Czech mineclearing version with no turret and Hedgehog VP-90: Czech Recce version of OT-90 with OT-64 turret
ZT-90:  Czech Recovery version of OT-90


Travel Move: 120/70
Combat Move: 30/20/4
Fuel Cap: 440
Fuel Consum: 110
Price: $ 110 000 (S/R)

($120 000)

 Combat Statistics:

 Armoured Vehicle

Fire Control: +1
Armament: 73mm Gun, PKMG, AT-3 Launcher OR see models above
Stabilization: Basic  Config:     Trt Susp:     T(4)
Ammo: 40x 73mm, 4x AT-3, 2 000x 7.62mmL TF: 5 HF: 3
Fuel Type: G, A, D, AvG TS: 5 HS: 3
Load: 1 Ton TR: 3 HR: 2
 Vehicle Weight: 13.5 Tons Type: Round Rng Dam Pen
Crew: 3 + 8 73mm HEAT 200 C:4, B:12 70C
Mnt: 8 Rld: 1 HE 200 C:6, B:12 -3 C
Night Vision: Headlights, Passive IR Type Rld Rng Damage Pen
Radiological: Shielded AT-3 'Sagger' 2 3 000 C:6, B:4 75C
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