·      Do only one thing at a time

·      Justice and courtesy for all

·      The Majority rules but the Minority has a right to be heard

·      To facilitate action not to obstruct it.

·      To maintain order


How do I …. ?


Have the group take action … make a main motion … I move that we take this action, by this date, by this individual or committee and that it will cost no more than $X.


Kill a motion …. I move that we postpone this motion indefinitely


Change a motion under consideration … move an amendment … I move that we amend the motion by (adding, striking out, inserting) the words ______.


Consider this matter at another meeting … I move that we postpone consideration of this motion to our next regular meeting (or at another time specified)


The group doesn’t have enough information to make a decision …Move to refer to Committee…  I move that we refer the motion (s) to the _____ Committee, to consider the matter (or  specific directions) and that they report back to us by the next regular meeting (or at some other time).


I don’t want to hear anymore discussion! … I move that we close debate on the motion(s) or limit debate to __ minutes for the motion(s) or for individuals speaking.


I am confused about the way things are proceeding or would like more information on the motion  … Mr. or Madam Chair I rise on a parliamentary inquiry (wait for recognition of the Chair and state your question).


I think the rules are being broken …. Point of Order Mr./Madam Chair … (wait for recognition of the chair and state your point and the Chair will rule on it).


I am uncomfortable, can’t hear or see, or I find a speakers remarks a personal affront … I rise on a question of  privilege (wait for recognition of the Chair and state your question and the Chair will (hopefully) do something about it).


I don’t like the Chair’s ruling or what he/she is doing … I appeal the decision of the Chair.


We all need a break … I move that we recess for (state number of minutes).


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