James Lochrie, B


James Lochrie, B.Sc., CPP-T               

510-10 Dean Park Road

Toronto, Ont.,

Canada, M1B 3G8

416-286-2556, Voice and Fax

416-286-2134, Residence

jlochrie@primus.ca, e-mail


Full time professional parliamentarian with clients throughout Canada and the United States.  My service offerings are:


§         Convention and Annual General Meeting parliamentarian

§         Professional presiding officer for contentious meetings

§         Bylaw consultation and bylaw revision

§         Customized workshops for Boards

§         Two day workshop on the basics of parliamentary procedure

§         One day workshop on minutes and report writing

§         Training for the presiding officer and committee chairs

§         Professional opinions on procedural problems

§         E-Mail courses on the basics of parliamentary procedure using Robert’s Rules, the Standard Code, Bourinot and Meeting Procedures (10 lessons in each course)



Other Credentials


§         Past president of the American Institute of Parliamentarians (1999-2001)

§         Accredited by AIP as a Certified Professional Parliamentarian

§         Designated by AIP as a Teacher of parliamentary procedure

§         Curriculum Director for AIP Williamsburg Practicum

§         Chair of the AIP Educational Foundation

§         Received President’s Award for Writing in Parliamentary Law (2001)

§         Author of Meeting Procedures (2003) a more modern procedural guide

§         Author (member of revision team) for Sturgis, the Standard Code, 4th edition.


References available upon request.





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