Nidus Otykaii
Deira, rider of green Ne˛nachc¨th was reporting back to Reikaee with a new idea she'd picked up on her Searching.

"So let me get this straight," Reikaee said, "The dragonries are beginning to send out ambassadors?"

Deira nodded, "Exactly. And I was thinking... I know we're in mid renovation for our own Nidus, and I thought that it wouldn't be too difficult to add some space for some ambassadors... Really, it would be a good way to attract more people here..."

"And if we had ambassadors elsewhere," put in SilverLight, "then we'd know where the candidates are needed..."

"And we'd get more dragons," Deira finished.

"And that would be a good thing..." Reikaee murmured. Reikaee was silent for a long moment and then, "I'll have a word with the builders."

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

And thus the Nidus Otykaii Ambassador Suites came to be. The building team had quickly designed and built a wing onto the barracks specifically for the ambassadors. They were built like regular niduli, except that they connected to the palace as well as the Nidus.

The builders also took it upon themselves to decorate the rooms in a 'default' style, that was 'in' at the palace lately. Each room came with a double bed, a table, four chairs, room for a dragon (should they have one or bond one) and any amneties an ambassador could wish for. The first hall of rooms was each painted a different colour.

Hall One
BlueReserved for Shard
Light GreenEmpty
Dark GreenReserved for kesava
People of Importance

Basically the people of importance in Nidus Otykaii are (currently) Reikaee, SilverLight and Deira and Ne˛nachc¨th.

The leader of the country and currently the Nidus. He's got medium-length white-blonde hair and blue eyes. He's very formal way of speech and is always very polite with people that he's not friends with (which is the great majority of people obviously/unfortunately). He'll try to help the ambassadors in any way possible, but his main concern will always be his own country, which is currently at war with a neighbouring country.

Reikaee's MindMage, SilverLight basically makes sure that everyone in the Court (and Nidus) stays sane. She's seen as someone that you can talk to about anything, and she always makes time for anyone who needs to talk to her, no matter how 'insignificant' they are. She has long red hair that she usually keeps up in a bun or braids and green eyes.

Deira is the first of the dragonriders of Otykaii, and she's also the head Searchrider. She is a half-husky who is bonded to green Ne˛nach¨th (who is the Searchdragon) and sparkly green-pointed blue-purple Kortaein. Currently Deira is the one running interface between Reikaee and the dragonriders. Check out her page here for more information.

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