Title: The Suite at the Deneva Royale
Author: Milana (=Saya) (Spring 2002)
Series: TOS
Pairing: K/f, S/f, K/S first time
Code: NC-17, a bit of humor, quite PWP
Summary: The boys share a suite at the Deneva Royale Hotel.
Note: English isn't my native language and this is my very first humble attempt at erotica at all and ANY fiction in ten years, so try to tolerate - this may still be a bit rough... Also, I don't know if they still use silicon in the 23rd century, but - so what. I've used //...// for a person's thoughts and *...* for emphasizing (I guess you know but made it clear anyhow) and also try to tolerate my fascination with ...'s :-)
Betas: Thanks to all who read this and offered their suggestions & help: MF, Sanahelina, Selek and Crayola!
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns the boys, I own the suite and my dirty imagination. No money made from this.


Captain James T. Kirk was frustrated. No, he was not frustrated, he was *pissed*. Totally, absolutely, completely pissed off. So far his carefully planned shoreleave had gone as wrong as wrong could be. He was sure he could still find toothmarks on his cock from what was certainly the worst blowjob he had ever gotten... // It's a piece of living flesh, not some f***ing bratwurst, you stupid bitch...// He had used all his Kirkian charms to get his First Officer to spend shore leave with him and *just for a change* to relax even a little bit - and this was the outcome.


"Come on, Spock - you've lived on this same ship over ten years - I know getting "cabin fever" isn't exactly a Vulcan thing but consider this an order for you to get a bit of R&R too! //Please, Spock, please, accept: I want to spend my leave with you...// I know the Royale isn't exactly *five stars* accommodation but it's the only place where I could find vacant rooms and they are all two-bedroom suites. You know how popular Deneva is nowadays! //Please!// Of course I could ask McCoy or Scotty - but you know them and their drinking habits - and I *have* to get off this ship for a while - I feel like these walls are coming down on me!"

"I hardly believe Starfleet engineers would design walls so weak that they would "come down" on anyone, especially during peacetime operations like this."

Spock had lifted his gaze from the chessboard and was watching his captain with a weak half-smile on his lips.

"Besides, you're not concentrating on the game - check mate."

//Of course I'm not concentrating - how could I concentrate when I can't turn my eyes away from your hands... You have the most beautiful hands I've ever seen, my friend: so slender and supple and strong... When you hold that black king in your hand I can't help but imagine how would your touch...//

"Well, Captain - I'll consider it. Actually..."

"Please, Spock, don't consider: just come! I know you aren't exactly fond of getting drunk at some striptease bar but there are so many other opportunities to have a good time. Maybe you'll find some nice and intellectual girl to your liking too! //Like you couln't get them on the Enterprise - they're all drooling after you - not only Christine Chapel... and men too: haven't you noticed the way Chekov looks at you... and I... but I'm the Captain - I can't seduce my First Officer...//

Spock had had slightly quizzical expression on his face:

"All right, if you insist - I shall accompany you. Actually, as I was telling you, I do have an old acquaintance on Deneva so perhaps it would be logical to spend some time on the surface - for a change. But tonight... I do believe it is time we both went to bed now, Captain."

And that charming half-smile again. The smile which was rarely granted to any other crewmember than the Captain...

"Bed //*bed*// - mmmh - sure, yeah! It's been a long day, we both need sleep //sleep, my ass - I guess *I* need a cold shower...// Well, good night then, Spock!"

"Good night to you too, Captain."


Their "suite" at the Deneva Royale Hotel had actually been nothing more than two bedrooms (with separate doors, however) with a bathroom between them. Well, at least the beds had been large //large enough for two people...// and the bathroom with its real water shower spacious. In his renewed flash of hope, Kirk had even slipped a jar of lube into his toilet bag, just in case // Hell - I'm a starship captain - got to prepare for everything...//, and now he felt like the biggest idiot ever born.

Spock had disappeared as soon as they had materialized (probably to seek out that mysterious "old acquaintance") and Kirk had found himself in some hazy nightclub with Dr. McCoy and Mr. Scott, who were deeply engrossed in their traditional drinking contest. After a bit too many Denevian Ice Teas, Alderaan Slings and one very potent Romulan Ale, he had found a pair of silicon-enhanced tits and a leather-clad bottom pressing against his body extremely arousing... The girl //what was her name: Patricia, Victoria, Brittany, Britney - what the hell was it?// had followed him into his hotel room like an overeager puppy (an overeager puppy who talked too much):

"You know, you're the most handsome man I've ever seen and you tell me you're a *starship captain*... You know, I've never been in bed with a *starship captain*, but, you know, I'm good, I can give you the best blowjob in the whole galaxy, just let me take off your pants..."

Blah blah blah... Kirk had been too drunk to protest and hadn't been able to fight the instinctual arousal when the girl's soft lips had enclosed his shaft. But somewhere in his mind he had had an image, like a clouded picture, that Spock had been at that night club too, for a moment, watching him out of the corner of his eye, lifting a sarcastic eyebrow, as if saying: "there you are again, Jim - thinking with your cock - is *that* what you really want?" //No, it's *you* that I really want, you stupid Vulcan - don't you see this is just a substitute... Spock!!// But the image had been gone, tall and slender, clad in shimmering silk, an image with broad shoulders, slim hips, narrow waist...

A nasty nibble of teeth on his glans had taken Kirk back to reality:

"You taste so good, let me make you cum - I love you - you're so big..."

//And *I* love you just as much as I would a Rigellian blood worm...//

He had decided best to flip the girl on her back and pump himself into quick orgasm:

"Is this what you like? Do you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh yes, please, fuck me, fuck me hard, oh god, yes, aahhh!!!"

"God, yes, Sp..."

It had taken him only a few thrusts to finish the job - and when he had come, it was no surprise that he had seen his First Officers dark brown eyes and elegantly slanted eyebrows before him...

"I'm sorry, I really enjoyed your company //would you now just fuck off, please// but I have an important meeting next morning... I'm afraid I still have some paperwork to finish ? krhmm ? would you like something: a drink...?" //Would you *please* get off now, I've screwed things up enough already...//

Thanks to god and all powers of the universe, the girl had understood and vanished... probably announcing to all her friends next day that she had slept with a *starship captain*...


And now the said starship captain was laying on his bed, feeling more alone than ever in his life. //Congratulations, JTK, for messing things up once again! *He* saw you with that stupid bitch, how would you ever think he would be interested in you... besides, he is a Vulcan - what would be more illogical than a homosexual relationship: no offspring, sex just for pleasure - so against everything Vulcans believe in... but, on the other hand, he does enjoy music, good food, even wine, he appreciates beauty... for heaven's sake, he is an incarnation of beauty himself - male beauty - so strong...//

Kirk was getting more and more frustrated. //Should I call room service to bring me a big bottle of Scotch and drink myself into sweet oblivion or should I just take a shower, wash the scent of cheap perfume out of me, go to sleep and forget everything about a certain Commander? What a big hero you are, JTK: one big bimbo magnet and hopelessly lusting after your own, Very Vulcan First Officer?// He remembered a picture some time ago in some trash tabloid magazine and grimaced: a picture of him and Spock (secretly taken, what else), at some semi-formal reception, dressed in civvies (he didn't remember what he had been wearing - Spock had had of course some fancy silk Vulcan style tunic...) and that *idiotic* caption: The Sexiest officers of the Starfleet - and still single! Now we know why every 'Fleet girl wants a post on the Enterprise! //Oh *fuck*, what *crap*... Picture this, my dear reporter: another "Sexiest of the 'Fleet" just recovering from a fuck with probably some of the ten most airheaded teen bitches of the galaxy, another probably playing 3-D chess or discussing higher multidimensional hyperbolic surface theorems or whatever Mr. Science Officer's current interests just happened to be with some another nerd scientist...//

He decided to take a shower. As he watched himself at the bathroom mirror he tried to understand *why* in the heck was he so drawn to his XO. He had had far too many women that was really decent for a man in his position - and he probably could have had any woman he wanted: one of those fancy model types who were practically swarming here in Deneva, some hyper-intellectual theoretical physicist, blah, whoever - maybe that was it. Maybe he had gotten enough of women, maybe he wanted more, something equal. //But I can never be equal with Spock - he is like a demi-god to me - I don't have a half of his physical powers, let alone his mental ones. He could do whatever he wants to me, he could use me, I would be willing... so willing...// Kirk was still drunk but the worst of the alcoholic haze had evaporated. He remembered the first time he came aboard the Enterprise - and met his future First and Science Officer:

"Welcome aboard, Captain Kirk. I'm Commander Spock, Science Officer of this ship and your next in command."

//My *next* in command? How can I command that being - he's a Vulcan and (if I read the files correctly) has served on this ship over *ten* years?//

But despite his rigid stance and the air of authority around him, the Vulcan's eyes had been surprisingly warm:

//"You are so young to be the captain - I believe I remember you from the Academy: you were one class lower than I - you have climbed quickly in rank..."//

And he had remembered him too - he had watched him at the campus: tall, dark, slim, serene - and beautiful. But as a Vulcan - unattainable. And he had gone into relationships with others: Gary Mitchell (a relationship which was never fully satisfactory because they were too similar), women - women whose names he couldn't even remember anymore... And now Gary had been dead over a year and he was sick of women and dreaming of the creature that had caught his eye years ago and now was his best friend and the most loyal, trustworthy and bravest being he had known in his entire life.

Sounds from the other room disturbed his reminiscenses. //Spock's room...// He couldn't help the nervous curiosity starting to grow inside him, and crept closer the door:

"Please... so close... you feel so good... so close..."

"You like it... don't you... you like it so much..."

Sounds of rustling bedclothes and a moan...

Kirk recognized his XO's voice, however strangely low and harsh, and felt his ears becoming hot. //What's that... what the hell... that's not Spock, that *can't* be Spock - Spock is Vulcan, he doesn't speak like that... he's not even interested...//

"Oh God, Spock... please, so close..."

"Shush... patience, Evelyn... don't you want the pleasure to last a little bit longer..."


Kirk forgot he was still quite drunk and very naked, standing with his ear against the bathroom door - no, the curiosity was killing him, he just wanted to see, he *needed* to see what was going on. The door was not locked //so like Spock - he never locks his door on board either - guess no one would dare to disturb his privacy anyhow...//, so he switched off the bathroom light and slid the door open just a couple of inches.

The room was dimly lit, the only light from the holographic fire of a wall lamp - still enough that he could see his always-so-calm-and-unemotional First Officer buried deep between trim and slender and definitely female legs. The Vulcan's thrusts were long and slow, his slim hips fitting snugly between the female's opened thighs, his muscles taut and every vein visible on his muscular arms. Head thrown back, eyes closed, black hair glimmering in firelight, lips slightly parted... he was close... oh so close...

Kirk couln't turn his eyes away from the sight //I can't believe my eyes... I can't believe I'm doing this... a Captain spying on his First Officer's sex life - I should be shot for this... am I becoming this desperate...// and he was getting harder and harder every second. He was also becoming more and more jealous when the act in the next room started to reach its culmination: Spock's thrusts became shorter and erratic, his head dropped between his shoulders and his panting breath was clearly audible to his silent audience...

"Wrap your legs around my waist... must get... deeper..."


Evelyn's cry brought Kirk back to his senses. Spock came silently, jaw clenched, only a shudder ran through the slim body once... twice...


Spock felt the familiar tightening in his stomach - tightening which slowly crept to his balls, his ass, to his cock which hardened even more for the final thrust - and the final release - he felt his cum spurt out of him - into the warm, tight channel of *James* - no, Evelyn... no, James... Why did he, at the moment of rapture, always see the image of his captain in his mind: tanned body slick with sweat, face contorted with pleasure, golden hair messed...
He felt a sudden burst of illogical anger sweep through him and quickly pulled out of Evelyn. He was still rock hard - no way just one orgasm could have quenched his need.

"Turn around." He heard the roughness of his own voice.

//Must control... not hurt... must be careful...//

"Lay on your stomach - no, on your hands and knees"

"I can't, this soon..."

"Yes you can. I won't hurt you - you'll enjoy it..."

Evelyn turned on her stomach and right away felt a pair of hot hands lift her ass up. She tried to push herself up on her elbows but a strong grip on the nape of her neck forced her face against the pillow and she felt a sudden surge of panic //He has always been so gentle - this can't be the *Time*...//. Panic turned into ecstasy when a slender, hot finger started to rub her still swollen clit. The grip on her nape tightened and she barely managed to turn her head to breathe:

"Spock, is it... is everything..."


//All right, if you want to go rough, I won't protest...//

Evelyn decided to enjoy the sudden change in her lover's approach - little tendrils of fear that still crawled inside her were just beginning to add her arousal - in her darker fantasies she had sometimes imagined herself tied to bed, face down, naked and helpless, her alien lover gazing at her with hooded eyes, whip in his hand... She felt her head was no longer pressed down but decided to keep her submissive position and the feeling of being totally overpowered made even more heat rush into her groin. Her vaginal muscles contracted instinctively when a Vulcan- hot finger left her clit and dipped inside her. Another slender and long-fingered hand caressed her breasts, squeezing them lightly and playing with a little golden ring which decorated her left nipple.

"I found this human habit to put metallic objects into private body parts quite..."


"...interesting. And actually quite pleasing, aesthetically."

The Vulcan twisted the ring in his hand and elicited a moan from Evelyn.

"Apparently their function is to increase sensitivity and sexual pleasure..."

//You are a master of teasing, Mister. I'd never had believed that about one of your race...//

"I've lived with humans almost twenty years and I'm well aware of their sexual practices - I find the subject quite fascinating."

Spock's voice was husky and low with a teasing and a slightly nasty undertone in it. Evelyn bit the pillow to suppress a cry when he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her. She felt her own wetness inside her thighs and jumped a bit at the touch of a slick finger circling her anus. The Vulcan's other hand was caressing her back, leaving heated marks on her skin, not a forcing touch but heavy enough to remind her of her place in this game.

"I won't do anything you don't want - I won't hurt you... believe me... just relax..."

//I don't care... Do whatever you want - I'm all yours...//

Two hands were holding her ass now, gently kneading and pushing her buttocks apart. This time a moan escaped her lips when she felt a moist, hot tongue touch just the tip of her clit. It travelled deeper, licking her folds, swirling around her sex, pushing inside her - she buried her head between her arms, trying to buck her hips, get more of that sweet impalement but the Vulcan's grip was like an iron band around her thighs and she was panting, she was close, she was coming...

"I think I have prepared you enough..."

Spock had risen to his knees and was slowly stroking his erection. The sight of Evelyn's buttocks, spread wide and open before his eyes made him think of someone else's. //You will come to me some day, James. And you will like it - I want to merge our bodies as well as our minds, my t'hy'la. Would you let me be inside you and feel your pleasure and your thoughts...// He collected a little drop of pre-ejaculate and caressed a sensitive spot between his ridges with a slickened finger. //Would you like to do this...// Evelyn's sex glittered in the low light and Spock had to suppress a very unVulcan urge to just ram his cock into her ass and fuck her into oblivion like a mindless animal. Or maybe not so unVulcan - he had read enough blatantly erotical pre-Reform literature as a teenager (secretly, of course), he knew certain aspects of his people's sexuality - they had been a horny race several thousands of years ago...
He took a position behind her and caressed the rim of her vagina with the tip of his cock. Evelyn's panting accelerated and she tried to thrust her hips backward to take him inside. He wrapped his other hand around her lower stomach to get a better access to her clit and used the other to slowly push his whole length into her.


Kirk could hardly believe what was happening before his eyes. He was steel hard - not for the sight of the female but for seeing his always-so-calm First Officer so hotly aroused and performing such an intimate act on a human female. He stroked his shaft, trying to control his panting (though the couple in the next room could hardly hear him anyhow) and pictured himself in Evelyn's place... He had seen Spock naked before - of course - but never aroused (actually he had always thought it such a waste when a man with such smoldering good looks seemed to show no interest in sex at all) and now the sight before him forced him to bite his finger to prevent a moan. Apparently the rumors he had heard about Vulcans were true - Spock was big, not so that it would have been out of proportion but big enough, his penis double-ridged and greenish-bronze in color... His body tall and slim and sinewy - the holographic firelight revealed every ripple of muscle and made his skin look golden and even if Kirk couldn't see his eyes he knew how they would look, darkened to two hypnotizing black holes by passion, glittering at the low illumination... He saw the couple beginning to reach their second orgasm and quickened his own strokes...


For a fleeting moment Spock had the illogical feeling that he was being observed but ignored it and concentrated on finishing the job. He quickened his thrusts, heard Evelyn's cries when his double ridges caressed her most sensitive spots and all the time tried to dispel the more and more persistent image of his captain's warm, hazel eyes and golden body beneath his own from his mind. Evelyn didn't last much longer and her convulsions brought Spock over the edge too. Their orgasm seemed to go on forever and Spock saw the same hazel eyes, heard the woman's scream and in his ecstasy-hazed mind was sure that someone else had moaned too... He collapsed on top of Evelyn and noticed his own handmarks on her shoulders.

"I'm sorry... I hurt you..."

"It's all right - I'm not so easily broken. It was wonderful..."

That moan had sounded strangely familiar...

"I think I... have to go to the bathroom..."

Spock grabbed his black meditation robe from the chair and wrapped it around his body. He felt a bit uncomfortable when he reached for the bathroom door, like some secret he would have preferred to keep to himself had just been revealed to the whole world...


Kirk was still shivering in the aftermath of his own climax, his cock semi-hard and his own fluids on his hand when he felt the door click shut and the lights switched on behind him.

"I trust you enjoyed it, Captain..."

Spock's voice was as empty as the expression on his face. No anger, no accusation, no questions. Brown eyes were just serene when he stared at Kirk's condition.

The worst possible thing had just happened. Kirk was suddenly more terrified than if he were under a full-scale Klingon attack. He felt like a little boy whose father had caught him jerking off with a cheap porno magazine and was now towering above him with a leather belt in his hand. The remainders of his erection shrank away and a crimson flush crept to his face. The words which came out of his mouth were incoherent splutter:

"Spock, I'm sorry... I was drunk... I was just imagining... an old... girlfriend..."

He wished he could have been *really* drunk, piss drunk, he hoped that the earth would swallow him, he felt like the lowest and the most disgusting being in the whole universe - *now* he had spoiled everything, whatever little hope he had ever had - *if* he had ever had...

A hot hand grabbed his shoulder:

"James - it's all right... don't feel ashamed."

"I'm so sorry, Spock - I don't know what got into me... I don't do this kind of things - I was just so fascinated - I've never seen you with a... with a... I thought you were not interested in..."

He had no idea what to say //what the hell - it's too late - he has already seen me like this - who cares... // and Spock just kept staring at him...

"Women? Have you forgotten your xenobiology? Our people have sexual needs as much as yours - we just have a better control over them. And *I* have definitely seen, or at least *heard* you having some very good times with your various female guests... the cabin walls are very thin, James."

The grip tightened and now there was a definite flash of anger in the dark eyes.

"I may be alien to you but I'm not some laboratory animal."


Even if he didn't say it aloud Kirk heard it in his mind and the undertone made him shiver, and not only shiver; he could also feel new stirrings of arousal in his groin. The heat radiating from the Vulcan's body was burning him; he could see a part of well muscled, slightly furred chest under the silken robe... //Press me down, punish me...// The image of that angry father had just changed in his mind into an image of an angry Vulcan, his leather belt into a nasty cat-o'-nine-tails...

"Look at me, James."

He felt Spock's other hand slide down his back to rest on his left buttock and the other lift his chin. Anger in the Vulcan's eyes seemed to have changed into a mild amusement. Of course there was no hint of a smile on the sensuous lips but during his friendship with Spock Kirk had learned that he was often expressing more emotions with his eyes only than many humans would with their whole face. Spock's gaze travelled down his body, to the cute pinkish erection jutting out of his groin. No words, just a slightly raised eyebrow... Kirk's crimson color got even deeper:

"It's just a reflex, subconscious..."

"I see... most interesting..."

Brown, alien eyes seemed suddenly so warm. A hot fingertip caressed Kirk's jaw and an equally hot hand lightly squeezed his buttock. //Why are you doing this to me, my friend? But I can't stop you, can I?// Spock let his robe slide open a bit more and stepped closer. Kirk felt his heated skin just a few inches away and then a pair of hot lips were caressing the side of his throat, hands were pulling him closer...

"How long have you wanted this?"

Kirk's head was spinning and he wasn't sure what he had just heard. "This... since the... how did you know? Do you - do you read my mind?!"

"Isn't the evidence quite clear? No, I can't read your mind without a proper meld - however, I can sense certain emotions you humans tend to broadcast. It can be a bit - uncomfortable at times. Not in this case, however..."

Spocks lips were dangerously close to his mouth - yet he couldn't move, he didn't *want* to move, the alien's grip was holding him immobilized.

"Since I met you. I guess I've wanted you since I met you." Talking was suddenly so easy. //And already when I saw you at the Academy I thought how would you feel against me// "I'm just surprised..."

"Surprised at what? Haven't you heard that most Vulcans are bisexual?"

"Bisexual? Isn't it illogical..."

"On the contrary, I find it quite logical. It comes from the beginnings of our culture, far- before-Reform times when the male members of the clans spent years out in the deserts fighting the enemy clans - haven't you heard the word "t'hy'la"? It means friend, brother, lover - originally warrior-brother, warrior-lover."

"But I thought that you would find sex itself illogical - except for the purpose of procreation."

"What is illogical in mutual pleasure?"

//Indeed. Hmmm... I guess you would find a logical reason for arranging a sadomasochistic orgy, my friend...// Kirk had to push Spock away from him for a while. The Vulcan quirked an eyebrow at him:

"I think you could use a warm shower. Besides, you smell of cheap perfume..."

...and the dark gaze glided to his groin again:

"Maybe then we could take care of your - reflex..."

Kirk blushed again and was about to ask about the girl, but the Vulcan was gone. He had to admit - he was still quite a mess as he stepped into the shower. //"What is illogical in mutual pleasure?"// That sentence was beginning to sound like the most erotic thing ever in his mind. The warm spray of water massaged his tired shoulders //Too much paperwork lately - *I* didn't go into Fleet to just push papers around my desk// and he still couldn't believe what had just happened. //"Take care of..." - if this is a dream don't let it ever eend...// He pictured himself slammed against the bathroom wall, the Vulcan cock penetrating him, an unyielding grip holding him still...


Hotter-than-human arms suddenly encircled his waist and made him jump.

"Spock... what happened to the girl?"

"Evelyn. She was very understanding. I explained I had an *emergency meeting* with my commanding officer."

//So about the myth that Vulcans can't lie...//

"She is just an old acquaintance - nothing serious. I met her few years ago at an astrophysics conference."

//I'm surprised...//

"That I have urges too?"

"Spock... stop reading my thoughts!"

"I don't read your thoughts - I just sense your current emotional state - and the physical contact naturally enhances the experience..."

The Vulcan pressed himself closer and Kirk felt his cock jump into full arousal when the alien's semi-hard one nudged against his crevice.


Jim - no, *James*... Spock had always liked his captain's given name - the syllable "James" was so fluid, sophisticated... he looked so *beautiful* under the water spray. Hot water had forced a pinkish blush to the human's soft, tanned skin, the golden hair was slightly curled and wet, hands pressed above his head emphasized the strong shoulders, round, muscled buttocks pressed against his own, hardening sex - suddenly he wanted to crawl inside his captain's skin, he wanted to feel every thought and emotion, he wanted to be one with this gorgeous creature. //Forgive me, my forefathers, for I have forgotten my disciplines and disregarded your ideals...// He couldn't help himself but took a strong grip of his best friend and twisted him back against the bathroom wall.


Kirk had no time to realize what had happened when he was suddenly staring at a pair of lust- blackened Vulcan eyes. The feverish body pressed against him, two strong hands held his jaw in a crushing grip, fiery lips pressed against his, and another's hot erection was rubbing against his own... He felt his knees buckle when a long, moist tongue forced its way into his mouth and he opened his mouth willingly, offering his own. The alien mouth tasted clean and sweet, the heated hand crept down his body agonizingly slowly, rubbing and caressing his hardened nipples and the bottom of his stomach and finally //finally...// supple fingers enclosed his throbbing cock. Kirk was lost in the sensation - all his thoughts were centered on his groin and he couldn't help but dig his fingers in Spock's back muscles for dear life when a talented hand began stroking his sensitized shaft, gently fondling his balls, a long finger rubbing that most tender spot behind his glans... Another hand pressed his buttocks apart, a moist finger found his opening and pressed gently in, finding a little tender place deep inside... In some corner of his hazy mind he saw and felt another's chest pressing against his own, nipples a pair of hard nubs, dark chest hair, soft as silk, continuing as a tapering line down the flat stomach... And then he was coming, in waves after waves of fiery pleasure, he felt his seed burst out in almost painful spasms, and the hand didn't give him any mercy, it continued and continued, milking every drop out of him... He was reeling, melting into a little puddle of pleasure, caught between the tile wall and a hard, hot body...

When he came back to earth a pair of strong hands were holding him. //Spock... my friend...// The Vulcan's eyes bore a strange expression, almost shy, vulnerable, as though apologizing for his actions. Kirk pressed his face against the taller man's neck and tried to control his still panting breaths.

"James - *Jim* - I'm sorry... I couldn't stop myself..."

"Sorry? For what are you sorry? For fulfilling my greatest fantasy?" Kirk felt so happy he almost laughed aloud.

"So... you enjoyed it?"

"Of course, you silly Vulcan, of course, I loved it!"

"I'm happy to hear that, James."

"Spock - why do you keep calling me 'James'? On the ship it's always 'Captain,' or 'Jim' - if you are in a social mood."

"I like the sound of 'James'. It's a beautiful word, somehow fluid..."

"Spock - if we continue this - do we continue? - I'd love it if you would call me 'James' only in these kind of... situations?"

"Of course, *James*. If you wish to continue, you will find me very willing." Spock was almost smiling.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier - you said you could sense...?"

"It is not proper for a First Officer to try to seduce his Captain."

"To blazes with what is proper..." Kirk felt his heart almost burst with joy and hugged his friend fiercely, suddenly realizing that the Vulcan was still hard. //Oh, Spock... just like you - always put the others' needs before your own...// His voice was almost a whisper:

"Spock... I'd like to give you pleasure too. Please... would you let me...?//

The alien eyes were very dark and very bright and narrowed into small slits when Kirk took the hot member into his hand. The answer came in the form of two heavy hands, pressing him down and he understood exactly what the other wanted. He grinned inwardly //Like I wouldn't have wanted to do this too, since the first time I saw you...// and knelt down on the bathroom floor.


Spock watched in fascination when his captain knelt before him and rested his palms on his slim buttocks. He had to close his eyes for a jolt of pleasure when the human's lips parted and the beautiful, pink tongue started to lick his glans. *James* was talented... the captain opened his mouth more to take the whole head and both ridges into his mouth, at the same time stroking the shaft gently. Spock buried his hands in the moist, golden hair of his lover, kneading his scalp and enjoying this most intimate caress his friend was giving him. //My t'hy'la, this is so good - you are so perfect, did you know that your eyes change color - now they are almost gold - some day I'd like to take you into the next level: merge our minds so I could see your pleasure and you could see mine...// He felt his body ready itself for release, *James* felt it too, his strokes became stronger and the warm tongue sneaked between the ridges... Ecstasy took his body, he came in violent waves, again and again, almost collapsing on the floor and moments later it was his turn to be held by strong, human arms.

"Spock, my friend... you taste so good... I guess you enjoyed it?" Kirk had an impish smile on his lips.

What could the Vulcan have answered to that?

"Yes, James, I enjoyed you very much." //I enjoyed you *so* much... I have wanted you *so* long... How could I find the words to tell you...// "It was extremely pleasurable... you are so talented... Oh, James, shouldn't we turn the shower off?"

Neither man had noticed the shower that was running still - no damage done, however, since Deneva had almost unlimited supply of fresh water. Still, Kirk found the situation quite amusing:

"As a creature coming from a desert planet, as a representative of a people whose ancestors were more like felinoids, you seem to enjoy water very much, my friend."

"Don't you humans have a description for that: a "forbidden fruit", if I remember correctly? Or a "guilty pleasure"? "Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest", wasn't it something like that?"

Forbidden fruit, indeed. Right, he was a *starship captain* who had just given head to his Vulcan First Officer in the hotel room shover. He imagined Admiral Komack's face if the said admiral had found out this fact... And he didn't like the picture... Well, what the heck, Kirk had never worried much about the future - the most important thing right now was that his First Officer was here, sharing his suite and waiting for to spend two long days and equally long *nights* just with him...

"Here's a clean towel for you, James - I do believe it is time we both went to *bed* now..."

- finito -

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