Title: The Box
Author: Voile cha Krech
Pairing: Vulcan/Human OC
Rating: PG, soft BDSM
Disclaimer: Paramount/Viacom owns Trek, no money made from this and only mine heart dost go into this story.
Summary: A case of need.


The murmur of voices faded as the young Vulcan healer stepped up to the podium to speak in defense of his recent paper on a peculiar case history to the Vulcan Science Academy sponsored conference on Human Psychological Studies. He looked out over the gathering of his fellows as they quieted and felt all attention upon him. Beating down the desire to simply turn and walk away he knew they would never understand or condone his methods. It was thus a futile effort to seek understanding and acceptance. He realized that most thought of him as someone on the fringes of insanity and most definitely corrupted by his area of interest in Human Sexuality. There had always been talk throughout his short career of taking his license to practice psychiatry from him. He knew that this was probably the end of his work at the Academy for his one friend and colleague had informed him earlier in the month that it would not matter what he said today in conference, the Board had already come to a decision. With that information in mind he had prepared to journey to Earth to begin his life again. He had failed as a member of the VSA and would never return to Vulcan for as long as he lived. In light of that fact he almost smiled on stage as he saw the entire conference watching examining him as if he were a new disease. He began to recount the case history.

She had come to him through referral for her suicide attempt. A young girl of 26, the daughter of a prominent Human archeologist involved in a Vulcan dig, in search of sarcophagi carved from the very rocks inside underground caves. She had been found inside one barely alive after a frantic search when she disappeared from her home. After her physical recovery in Shi’Kaver Teaching Medical Facility General she was then transferred to the psychiatry unit where he was assigned to her case as the initial meld report showed that her mental condition had psychosexual roots.

In their first session he noted she was clearly depressed. Avoiding all attempts to talk she simply darted her eyes about the room and avoided direct questions. He watched her fidget and noticed that her gaze had settled on the communications unit built into the wall. On a fleeting thought he told her that she could use it if she wished and instantly she went to the unit and sat in front of it turning it on and cueing up all varieties of obscure music from the database. As he watched she sank into the list of songs, launching programs to animate the musical selections she had chosen and a gradual transformation took place over her previously tortured features. Leaning back to watch the display of lights dancing on the monitor of the unit she asked him to turn down the lights in the office. He immediately hit the control at his chair to power the lights to a dark glow all along the top of the room. The light coming from the screen in front of her served to illuminate her features in deep reds and oranges and then fading to blues and purples and he watched fascinated. He touched the controls again and the music slowly took over the atmosphere. He moved to sit beside her in the second chair in front of the screen and they both stared into the movement, listening to the music. A hypnotic beat, the colors drawing them together.

She began telling her story.

It was her eighth summer and her parents had moved once again to a new house by a dig they were working on. She was used to moving from place to place but this time something about the house was not comfortable for her. Something did not feel right and she was afraid. To get away she often went across her street a lot to the neighbor’s house to play. They had a little girl that was her age and she had lots of toys but was exceedingly selfish with them. Often they had disagreements over the playthings and the older brother of her playmate would come and break up the fight. He was fourteen and a dark and serious individual who would take care of them while the parents were away. One day after breaking up a particularly vicious fight he asked her if she would like to come to his room to play with his old toys that he had kept. She followed him to his room and watched him as he moved to a toy box. It was huge and he took the lid from the box and dumped all the toys out of it into the middle of the floor. He smiled then and invited her to play with any of the toys she wished, so she sat down and began to play. He sat beside her for a while watching her and he began talking softly to her sharing his ideas and experiences about the different toys and playing with her. All afternoon he talked with her stroking her hair occasionally being gentle and she felt safe with him. More safe than she had for many weeks and she was happy. Hours went by and his parents came home and he acted as if he was doing something wrong and this disturbed her. She saw him get up and go to the bed and take a pillow and a blanket with which he returned and lined the empty toy box with the items and asked her to get in and be quiet for him. She stepped into the box and he closed the lid over her again telling her to remain quiet. She heard his parents come to the door and him talking with them and then the sound of the door closing again. The lid slowly came off the toy box and he peaked inside and asked her quietly if she was all right. She replied she was and so he smiled and reached in to stroke her hair again and gave her some small toys to play with and also a stuffed animal to keep her company. She felt warm and safe there and there was some light coming through the lid that he had left slightly ajar. He moved around the room, she could hear him, and he was always near. He left but on his return he brought her something to eat and fed it to her from his place outside the box reaching in talking softly to her all the while. When it came time for her to go home he came to her and took her from her warmth inside the box, sneaking her past his parents and outside to the side of the house. There he told her it was time for her to go home and that her parents would worry. He sent her off then to her cold house.

Sometimes she would watch him from her window inside her house and he would walk around his yard and always he would look so serious and troubled. The darkness would return to his features and he was clearly unhappy. But when she would come to him everyday after that first day and he would put her inside the box and they would play their games he was happy. She enjoyed making him happy and it made her happy in return. He would always talk softly to her and stroke her hair and sometimes she would lay inside the box and he would lay on top of the box cover and she would take her arms and legs and push up on the box lid trying to raise him up and off of it and they would laugh together. And other times he would simply lie on top of the box and she would hear him whispering to her. She could not understand what he was saying but she was comforted that he was there with her. He always took care not to frighten her and always kept her safe inside the box.

One day she came to him and he was upset. He told her they were going to move away as his parents had finished their part of the expedition. She had cried then and so he held her and kissed her on the forehead gently and stroked her hair then told her she would have to go home now and so she did, never to return to his room or her place inside his box.

She quieted. The lights on the monitor were a deep blue as the music wound around them. They both sat staring at the screen and he ask the first question.

Did she wish to go back inside the box?

She sat staring at the screen along with him and said yes.

He asked how would she like that to happen?

She said any way she could have it.

He asked if that is why she crawled inside the sarcophagi?

She said of course it was and that she had not meant for the lid to close like it did to lock her inside.

He held his breath for a moment and then went forwards with the question. Would she allow him to put her inside a box?

She did not answer for a long moment and then reached to take his hand and pleaded softly for him to do just that.

He felt something give way in him through the contact of her fingers and felt the remembrance of the boy.

He rose from his chair and came around to stand behind her. Looking down at her for a few long moments knowing what he was about to do was forbidden he discarded everything he was taught never to do as he reached out to stroke her hair.

She leaned back into his touch with a sigh and relaxed as his fingers found the meld points and they connected and all was as it had been before when she was eight and for the first time in the Vulcan’s life he was happy.

The conference was shocked into quiet horror at the admittance and then a flurry of robes and whispers as he closed his notes and walked from the podium out into the light of day towards his destination knowing the she awaited him there.

- end -

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