The Mating Flight
Just as the two dragons sat of for the sky, Mariq felt a strange movement.
"- What's that?" Chelina asked curiously, sitting on Fannys shoulder.
"- I-.. I don't really know. But, I guess it's a dragon egg.."
"- Let me see it.." Mariq put the egg down at the ground so that Chelina and the others could see it more properly. The human knelt in front of it.

The rainbow coloured egg twisted at the ground and a low cracking sound came from it.
"- Oh, my!" Chelina bursted out. "- It's a elemental.. Where have you been, really?" She gave Mariq a searching gaze. He shrugged.
"- I don't know. There was this wierd forest, but nothing more.."
"- But how did you get it?" Fanny asked.
"- I donno. Just got it."
"- Really?" Hariljo gave hs siblings smirking gazes.
"- Don't say you stoled it."
"- What!!?"
"- No need to scream, Fanny."
"- No one just "founds" a egg like that.."
"-No, Bomeron, I haven't. We just went to this wierd place, 'cos a man had said we could get a dragon there, and this voice just came-."
"- What voice?" Fanny chortened him.
"- I donno! .. A voice. Anyway, the voice gave me this egg.." Bomeron sighed.
" - What did you say about a elemental, Chel'?"
"- It's defenetly one."
"- Can't wait 'till it clutches! I've never seen one before." Spirenna poked with one of her paws on the egg, bigger than her self.
"- Hey! Don't toutch it, will 'ya!" Spirenna murmured.
Stop, no fighting now! He's just got h-" Fanny, and everything else, got totaly silent when the egg burst with a loud "crack".
Out rolled a green and brown dragon, a few inches bigger than the other small dragons.
At first, he just gazed up at them, not making any sound.
Then he turned to Mariq, opened his mouth and said.
"- Pleasure. Not that much of a welcome, though, is it?" Mariq lit up by a enourmos smile.
"- Wow!" He gasped.
"- Welcome.." Chelina began. "- I must say that I'm very impressed by you talking at this stage.."
"- What? Oh, that.." The dragon
"- No, we elementals are
born grown-up." He gave her a polite smile and then turned to Mariq again. "- SoOo?"
"- What "so"?"
The dragon sighed.
"- Are you going to name me before we all en up dead?"
"- Oh!" Mariq thought for a second. "- Okay. Welcome, then, Urahj."
"- Urahj." He tasted the name. "- Not that bad. Not very bad, indeed.."
"- Oh. I'm Mariq, this is Fan-"
"- I know."
Urahj shortened him.
"- You know?"
"- Yes. I do. I got that information when I got born. I know the whole family, it's my duty to know that. But, I don't know where I am.."
"- Cormwood.."
"- Great, never heard of it, though."
"- Do you want me to show you 'round?" Spirenna asked.
"- No. Do you have a garden?"
"- Yes, we do!" Chelina said before anyone else had even opened their mouth. "- Please, let me show you."
"- That'd be nice." Urahj smiled.
"- I think he's a earth-elemental.."

"- Really?"
"- Yeah, I do."
"- Oh! You're just so stupid!"
"- What?"
The dodrians began to fight, Urahj and Chelina went to the garden and the two humans lifted their heads to look after their long gone bonds.
"- This will take time." Fanny said."-What do you say about leaving for the Warren?"
"- Mmm. That's perhaps the best thing to do.."
"- I'll go get Chalina and then we start to pack while you send Urahj with a message so that Raianna or someone else can pic us up.."
"- Okej, great.
To read the Mating Flight, written by Mystic, go HERE.
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