PS! Iī not from a english-speaking country. Please have some overseeing whit my spelling!
Do you know what? For the FIRST time in my life I am really-really HAPPY! Itīs hard to understand it, even for myself. Do you want to know why I feel this way? Okay then, let me tell you.....
"I were walking around in a forest, not knowing where I were. But I didnīt care anyway. I were struggling whit myself. I just felt totaly unhappy. Hour after hour passed by, I didnīt even notice it before it was dark. I were tired, and hungry. My head were banging, I felt more and more miserable. My parent had just thrown me out of the house a few days earlier, I still donīt know why. But I gess I were taking to mush place. My younger brothers were more than enough for my poor parents. We were, only childs counted, six. I had to bouth take care of the farming and the litle ones. One late evening, when the rain bashed at the windows all of us were down stairs. It was wormer at the fire-place. Suddenly dad gave mum a look and then raised from the sofa walking thrue the room towards me. "-Mariq!" he said. Mum began crying. "-Iīm sorry my lad, but you must leave us now!" It was soundless, my litle brothers hold theyr breaths. I stood up, right in front of him and looked down. (Iīm taller than my dad). "-What do you mean?" "-Exactly what I said. Leave us!" I didnīt eaven answere before he pushed my to the front door. "-Leave us. We canīt aford a hungry guy like you! Leave us..." He pushed me out the door and looked at me whit a strange look. Both angry and sad. Then he whispered: "-...and never come back...." The door closed in front of me, I were standing outside, in the mitle of the night, in the rain, lonely. I couldnīt even say goodbye to my brothers...."
    Back to the forest again:
"I were passing a bridge, and I standed looking down in the wather. The moon reflighted the wawes. I felt so lonley I wanted to leave the earth, pass away like a cloud or something. I were hungrier than ever and my head felt like a big drum. Suddenly i fainted and fell ower the fence, down into the wather"
I donīt remember everything after that, but Iīm going to tell you what I know:
       "I woke up laying on soft grass. It was morning and quite still. Not a soule in sight. Then something big and dark started slowly coming down from the sky over me. I couldnīt see so good. It was still to bright light from the sun. "-Look! Heīs awake!" the big thing said. I saw it mouth moving. I couldnīt beleve it. It looked like a dragon! Suddenly another voise answered, but it was not the dragon. "-Oh! Good! I thought he never would woke up!" It sounded like a girl, "-Yehaw!" I thought. I like girls. And  if this one got a dragon! Wow! I standed up and the dragon landed infront of me. It was a big orange dragoness. Absolutly marwelous! I LOVE dragons, but thatīs another story. And then, a girl, looking like a elf, djumped down from its back. Her brown hair was moving in the wind. "-Hi!" She said and walked to me, and toke her hand forwards to greet me. I thought I should faint again when I shaked her hand like an idiot trying to say something. "-Iīm Fanny! This is..."
"-Doraket!" the big dragon filled in. "-And who are you?" Her blue/green eyes looked into mine
"-Iīm... Iīm... Iīm Mariq.... Whit a Q"
Fanny told me that she and Doraket found me half uncountnens when they were taking a walk early in the morning. She entruduse me to her other dragons. The litle ones are really funny. But I donīt think the litle pink dragoness in the garden, Chelina, like me that mush. She bit me. Anyway. I liked beeing whit Fanny and one night she said she liked me to. "-Love at first sight" she said. So, Iīm staying here whit her. Now Iīm even hoping to bond a male Hathian (the same dragon breed as Doraket). Dorakets WERY happy for it, almost as excited as I am. So, you can say were almost like a litle family. It canīt get better: Iīm so happy and in love as a guy can be!
     ~Mariq Grayade
Mariq was taking a walk in the forest of Cormwood whit the litle Dodrian dragon named Hariljo when he saw a dark shadow at the sky. It slowly came down towards them. Then he heard someones voice saying. "-Mariq? Mystic wants you to come to the Warren. Emidietly!" Then the shadow dissapeard. "-That was a dragon. A Hathian dragon... I know when I hear one..." Hariljo said. "-Mariq. Your bonderīs coming!" The young man got so exited he didnīt know what to say. He just took of running home to the litle house. Fanny was at the lawn, leaning against the big orange dragoness. Her big green/blue eyes met him whit a questionly look. "-What is it?" she asked. He didnīt answere he just stood there and waywed whit hes arms. "-I told you he was a litle bit strange..." Doraket wisperd. Fanny answered whit a annoid "asch!" and looked angry at her bond. "-Whatīs the matter whit you?.. I know! Youīr just grumpy because thereīs no males to fly whit! I knew it! Youīr just envious..." she mutterd. The brown eyed boy stood infront of the arguing females and didnīt know what to do. "-What?!?" the both of them shouted at him. Mariq stared at Fanny whit a angry look. "-I must go to the Warren. Theyīr coming!" The girls looked at each other. "-Why didnīt you say that earlier?" Doraket standed up and her bond djumped up at her back. "-Are you coming or not?" The dragoness asked. "-Wow!" Mariq thought when he djumped up at the big worm creature. She had never before let him sit on her, just Fanny had been aloud. "-Itīs just for this time... Donīt you think you ever will sit on my back again..." Doraket said and looked up at the boy. It was if like she had red hes mind... He didnīt answere. Just let the wind blow thrue his hear when the dragoness set into the sky and dissapeard. The dodrians ran out of the house and met Hariljo that came back from the wood. "Where are they going?" Spirenna, the black dodrian asked. "-Mariqs bond are coming..." "-Aha?.. And they didnīt take us whit them?..." Chelina came out from a rose bush andsaid; "He have a bad influence on her..."
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The dragons are made by Mystic, and the people are made from basics made by Angychan.
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