It was a lovely september day, I was walking trough a litle willage called "Torp" on my way home from a visit on an artgallery in a big town over the sea. Suddenly a old centaurlady with gray hair and a blue-green check pattern veil stopped me.
"-May I ask the young lady were are she going?", she asked with her cute oldlady-woice. "-Home", was my cuick answere. "-And that would be?", the oldlady stered in to my eyes. "-Cormwood. Excuse me, Iīm in a hurry". I answered, but she just smiled and pointed on a litle gravelpath with her thin litle hoof. "-That way is mush better than the bigroad". She looked at me and continued. "-I even think itīs half as long." "-Thanks", I said. I was a bit irritaded becauseI was already late to a meeting with my friends and I only had two days to go, this didnīt make it better. "-Godbye miss" I started walk in the direction she had shown me. "-Your welcome! I hope you will enjoy your trip that way! Say hello to Malthar from me!" Hm, "Malthar?". I wanted to ask the lady what she meaned, but I didnīt have time for that. Well the way on the path was lovely, I really did enjoy it! After walkin some hours it began to get darker, I started looking after a place to sleep. I found a big oak beside the path and I fell into sleep. Suddenly I woke up, it was darker than before but the moon shine. It must have bin midnight. Than i heard a sound a bit down the roud. I coulnīt see anything but I could swear I heard someone whistle. A bright light was getting closer, someone was carring a torch. I was blinded when somone stopped standing in front of me. "-Excuse me, but I canīt see a thing with that bright light in my face!" I said to the one with the torch. "Oh! Sorry", the thing said and took the light frome me. It was a boy in hes late teens with a red juggler costume. He was acculy really handsome. "Hello!" He said and looked at me while I was standing up. "Hi..." I answered "... Iīm Fanny". "Pleased to meet you Fanny", he took hes hand forwards me to shake hands but took it back when he saw I got both hoofs and hands to shake with. "Oh! Sorry", he looked ashamed. I smiled and took my right hand forwards him. He shined up and shaked it. "May I regret myself. Iīm VERY pleased to meet you Fanny!" We bouht started to laugh. "Iīm very pleased to meet you to Malthar!" I said. Malthar? I stopped laughing. Was that not the one the old lady had said to me. "What?" Malthar looked at me with a questioning look. "Excuse me for asking this. But: Do you know an old centaur lady down in the "Torp" willadge?" Malthar looked at me with a bit surprised look. "An old centaurlady?". "Yes, with grayhair?". "I donīt know an old centaurlady. You are the first centaur I ever met. That is why Iīm so glad to meet you." I felt right wally. "Oh, excuse me. Iīm VERY sorry" "Itīs alright!" Malthar was smiling again. "Iīm a bit tired" I yawned. "I better go to sleep again. It was nise to meet you!" I said. "Where are you sleeping?" Malthar wondered. "Right here", I pointed at the ground beside the path. "Wath? Here?" Malthar looked at me with a strange smile. "Why donīt you come with me? My house is right behind that curve!" He pointed down the road on a big oak.I didnīt know wath to say. I really didnīt know him. But, I didnīt want to be rude eighter so I said: "I would love to see your home!" Malthar gave me an bright smile and said: "After you, my lady". We both laught.
Malthar had right, It was not so far to his house. After maybe 200 metres he stopped outside a litle house. It was dark but in the light from the torch I could see that it was red with white fences and a litle gate. "-Here is it!" Malthar opened the gate. "-Itīs lovely!" We walked into the garden, it was just a lawn with the grass cut and a litle stone path to walk on. Malthar took a litle oldfashion key from his right pocket and sticked it in to the lock and hold dis other hand on the wall beside the door. But the he turned around and looked up on me. "-I have forgot to ask you something." "-What would that be then?", I wondered. "-It just that. You know... Do you like dragons?!?!" I didnīt knew what to say. He asked ME if I like dragons!!!
That is the best thing in the world! And now he stands and askes ME if I like
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