Seeing land in the distance he heads toward it. "That it." he asks the boy who is sitting next to him. Looking up over the side "Yeah, that's it." the boy confirms. Getting closer they dock. Tying up the ship he puts down the gang plank. Before leaving he looks at the boy. "Can I trust you to stay here." He asks looking at him crossly. "You want me to stay?" the boy asks surprised. "Yeah. Seem like a right reward for you showing me this place. Of course if it doesn't pan out." And he looks at him warningly. "I's told you the truth." The boy insist looking scared. "Good then you have nothing to worry about." he says smiling. "Now who's the person I got to talk to." he asks. "It was this elf lady. Name was Yukihada." "Good. I'll be back."
     Leaving the ship he looks around. Not seeing any clear indicator as to where to go, he starts asking around. Eventually he's giving direction to this temple were he's told he can find her. Going there, he walks in to find himself surrounded by mirrors. And in front of one of them is a purple haired elf. "You Yukihada?" he asks. "Yes, I'm her." She answers turning around. "I'm here looking for…" "Yes, I know." Looking him over. "You might do." She says "Follow me." And she heads off. His interest overcoming his temper he follows willingly enough. Walking out onto some hot sands he looks around. In the center is several large eggs. "That them?" he says nodding his head. "Yes. That one is yours." and she points out one. "How do you know?" "I just do. It's yours to care for now, though it won't need much until it hatches." and she leaves him there.  
     He stands there looking at it for a while. "I guess are reunion will have to what a little longer." he thinks to himself as a certain female face pops into his head. "But you would know that by now wouldn't you?" he thinks looking up at the sky as if he expected to see her there.
    That night he stayed awake thinking of the creature he was now responsible for. "Why am I even here?" he thinks to himself. "Because you let your curiosity get the better of you." a voice in his head tells him. "Well, I suppose I'm stuck with it now." he admits. Sitting up in his bed, "But dame it, as soon as that thing hatches we're out of here." he states, "I have enough things to do without staying here waiting for some egg to hatch." he continues venting out his own frustration at himself. "Still," he turns his mind again "These little ones proved worth the effort." he thinks looking at his two lizards. Calming down for the night he gathers his patients and waits.
     He was pulling up his nets one day when his lizards went into a frenzy. "What's wrong with you two?" he asks looking up at them confused. They send him pictures of the egg. Realizing what this means, "Shit." Tying up the net he leaves it there for him to come back and get later. Rushing to the temple he walks in to see the egg rocking. Looking up at the lizards, "If this guy is as hungry as you two were. I'm in trouble,” he tells them. They just chirp at him cheerfully, and find perches to watch. It was a while before the egg finally formed a crake, and started to split. Out of the shattered shell crawled a black hatchling, screeching protests.
   Covering his ears at the noise the little thing was making, he walks over to it and kneels. "I'm sorry your hungry, but sitting there and screaming about it wont get food in you any faster." he tells it somehow knowing what it was thinking. It just looks up at him coldly. "So sue me." he says to it. "It's not my fault you decided to hatch in the middle of my fishing." Perking up its head at the word fishing he starts walking himself out of the temple. "Hold up." Crow says laughing. Picking the creature up in his arms he carries it out. "Last thing we need is you getting stepped on." he says in response to it's protest. "Besides what are you complaining about. I'm the one doing all the work." This statement seems to pacify it and it lets him carry it to his ship.
     Dropping the hatchling on the deck, he finishes pulling up the net. Dropping it on the deck he opens it so the hatchling can eat. Jumping on the pile of fish it starts to devourer them. "That’s right go ahead and gorge yourself. Just be careful or you'll make yourself sick." he says felling a sense of day'ja'vu.
     "So this is it?" Eian asks coming out of nowhere to stand next to him. At the sound of Eians voice the hatchling stops eating long enough to growl at him. "No, he's not going anywhere." Crow tells him, "And he's not the only one so I suggest you get used to the idea." The hatchling takes a minute to think about it before mentally shrugging and returning to its meal. "Charming." Eian says sarcastically using one of the words he had learned from Crow. "He is isn't he?" Crow says laughing.
     "Come on." he says placing his hand on Eians shoulder, "We sail out this evening." "This evening!" Eian says surprised. "Yes, I have people I need to find. Most of them in labor camps most likely, so it's going to take work trying to get them out. We need to leave as soon as we can." "But what about him?" Eian asks, nodding at the now sleeping hatchling. "What, he'll probably have more fun with this then I will." Crow says smiling. "And I'll make sure we come back so he can have his training from those ghost or whatever they are. So lets go." and he heads up to the main deck. Shaking his head Eian gets to work on casting off. This time they have a bit more help. While they were waiting for the egg to hatch Crow had found this new guy at a bar named Gasten, who was apparently a friend of some friend of Crows.
                                                                        *                    *                    *
     Pulling into port, Rash'tken bounded off the ship and went to play in the surf. Leaning against the rail Crow watches it to make sure nothing untoward happens. His crew, which had grown even more in size since leaving the Isle, took off in various directions, some running on errands that he appointed to them, but most going to accomplish their own pursuits. Letting the dragonet explore on his own, he hopes that he will be tired come nightfall when they pull out again.                                                               
                                                                            *                    *                     *
     It got to the point when Rash'tken rarely needed to come on bored. Just at night to sleep and eat.. Using a bit of sorcery Crow inlarged the bottem of the ship so Rash'tken could get inside from the water. 
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