As the mist brakes in the early morning, a ship can be seen. A dark ship with black sails. And the only sign of life is the light of lanterns that shines through the morning darkness. This is the "Nights Revenge", a ship captained by a man respected by the wise and hated by nobility. With a crew that only a fool would think easy prey.

     Crow is the leader of this unruly band. They say he is so dangerous that the blackgod himself, banished Crow to earth to live out the rest of eternity, just so he wouldn't be near him. 
     They say it is a ship crewed, not by men, but by demons, with monsters following in their wake that eat the corpses of the dead, and take the lives of the few suvivers.

                                                                       These stories are clearly lies, or are they.
                                                                        Let the stories of this strange crew begin
Crow (Captian)
Dar (Second Mate)
Eian (Cabin Boy)
Eaglan (Look Out)
Bommer (Arms Men)
Dusty (Healer)
Gasten (Ship Hand)
Druwsila (Head Women)
Taniis (Book Keeper)
Flarie (Wench)
Helanie (Healer)
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