They don't know how far they walked or even where they were going. For days they traveled, barely noticing their hunger, until. While walking along the main road in a daze they almost don't see the caravan coming up behind them. On the front wagon a man sings, with his mask and colorful cloths he looks kind of silly. "Hay!" he yells down to them. "Where are you two headed?" "We don't know." Jacrite says shrugging his shoulders. "Really?" he says intrigued. "Where are you from?" "Doesn't matter. It's not there anymore," he says shrugging again. "Really?" they were really getting his attention now, "Well, why don't you two climb up here and have a seat then? Looks like we're both going the same way and I could use the company?" he says slowing down enough so they could grab hold and climb up onto the seat. "There now." he says making the oxen speed up again.
     "Now," he starts saying, "Last I knew places didn't just up and disappear. Mind telling me what happened?" he asks. Shrugging his shoulders, Jacrite starts in on the tale, telling him about the lord and the battle. Looking at both of them in something almost pity, he just shakes his head. "I guess there isn't any place else for you two to go is there?" he asks. "Not really." Jacrite admits.
     He seems to look them over for a minute "Well, if your willing to work I could be willing to take you two on." he offers. "Take us on what?" Jac asks not really sure what he means. "Here." pointing back at the trail of wagons behind him. "We're traveling players. We go to different places and entertain. If neither of you can perform there's always other work I can put you to." In truth they were the third pick up he had had that week. One guy had agreed to stay on, the other they had dropped off at the next town. After thinking about it a moment, "Sure, I guess so." he says turning to Klarista. She just nods her head agreeing. "Good." the driver says.
     Looking them over. "Ether of you do anything?" "I've never been much," Jacrite admits, "But she can dance pretty good." he says pointing at her. "Jac you know that’s a lie." she protests. "No it's not. I've seen you,” he says. "Well, we can find out now can't we." the driver jumps in. "Never have enough side acts."
     After working out a few details, for the rest of the trip the headmaster talks about all the places he's been, people he's meet and things he's done, most of them the two have never heard of. That night he sends them to the people they need to talk to and gets them the things they need, before settling down for the night. They quickly roll into the routine get up, Jacrite does his chores, Klarista goes to practice, and they meet at the end of the day to eat meals together and explore the Carnival. Soon Klarista is given her own act, especially after her instructor finds out about their abilities.

                                                                          *                    *                    *     
                   One day after coming through a portal. They arrive at an unfamiliar place not that that meant anything.
After setting up for the day, they are given free time to look around. They were eating dinner when the Headmaster pops out of nowhere, not that that was unusual either. "Hello." he says with a smug grin on his face. "Hello." Klarista says worried. When ever he looked smug that usually meant he was about to turn your head upside down, not always figuratively. "I found out some interesting news while in town today," he says. "What kind of news?" Jacrite says worried, not liking the look on his face. "Well, it turns out this lovely place has a certain breed of dragon." "Dragons, really?" she asks not liking the sound of this. "Yes, and it just so happens it's right up your ally. So I took the liberty of mentioning you two to the person in charge, and they agreed to give you two shot. Now, now don't thank me," he says as he starts to quickly back away. "No thanks necessary."
     All they can do is look after him as he slowly disappears. "I don't think ether of us saw that coming." Klarista states. "Nope, who 'would' see that coming?" Jacrite asks. "No one in their right minds anyway." she says. "Well, I guess we're stuck with it. I mean it's not like some of the others don't have something probably like them." he say thinking of some of the other dragons and creatures in the Carnival. "I guess." she agrees going back to her meal. Going back to eating, they feel like they’ve been tricked into something. Looking at each other they burst out laughing.
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