As you walk over the hill, you see the small village below you. As you begin walk in, a large gust of wind, coming up from behind you, sends dust and dirt flying. You dive for the earth just as a silver and orange streak flies over you. When you look up you see two dragons flying over head. You get up off the ground and start walking. The one difference between you and the villagers, is that the interruption didn't even phase them. "They must have gotten used to it, I guess." you think.

    You walk into the village and look toward the nearby hills. You see the dragons get a little ways out, and, you see them start to turn and they're coming back. You stop walking and wait for them to come swooping over again. Instead they land. When they land, a red skinned women comes running up the other side of the hill, she's in her late teens, with long black hair tied in hundreds of small braids, wraped in a pony tail reaching about her waist. She's wearing long black pants and a white tanktop.

     Right behind her is another women. She looks to be a mix of humen and cat. With black spots running down her arms, legs, and a little on the sides of her face, along with a strong yellowish tint to her skin to match her orangish hair sprinkled with black, and green cat eyes to finish it off, she looks striking

Name: Terrie                                            Name: Katlin
Dragon: Hathian Silver Mirflameze             Dragon: Hathian Orange Baketra          
Gender: Female                                        Gender: Female
Race: Sundancer                                       Race: Cattalian
Magic: Heat and light                                 Magic: none
Age: 18                                                    Age: 17
Height: 5'- 4"                                            Height: 5'- 0"
Weight: 123 lb                                          Weight: 96 lb
Parents: n/a                                              Parents: n/a
Siblings: n/a                                              Siblings: n/a
    Following after them are two men. One is another cat-humen, white with black strips, and another man. They both look as if they're trying to keep from bursting out laughing. And with them two more dragons walk over the hill, a blue and a green. All four settle down as their riders walk into the village. 

Name: Talon                                                      Name: Merik
Dragon: Hathian Blue Silith                                 Dragon: Hathian Green Crnac
Gender: Male                                                     Gender: Male
Race: Cattalian                                                   Race: Human
Magic: none                                                       Magic: none
Age: 19                                                             Age: 20
Height: 5'- 11"                                                     Height: 5'-5"
Weight: 196 lb                                                   Weight: 179 lb
Parents: n/a                                                       Parents: n/a
Siblings: n/a                                                       Siblings: n/a
    The story starts, when she was a hatchling. The clutch she was born form was geneticly altered by a country called Barok, under the permission of the Adanuk Weyr. As a result the clutch, as I understand it, was multipule different colors then from the usual. She chose her bondmate and afterwards was abandoned by her, it hurt her greatly.
     At the same time, I had requested of the Queen to become a member of the Dragon Legion. She gave me permission to try, and sent me to see
Mystic Dragon about becomeing a candidate for the next clutch. When I got there I took a wrong turn and ended up in the refuge where she keeps her abandoned dragons. It was there I saw Mirflameze. I feel in love her imediately. I requested of Mystic Dragon to allow me to try to become her new bondmate, and it succeded. So we've been together ever since.
     When we returned here. The Queen sent us to protect this village that had been resently attacked by bandits. When the bandits returned they had a nasty surprise waiting for them. Mirflameze had a fun time chaseing them around, and they haven't been back since. We are now living here permently to make sure they stay gone.
      "Baketra was born from the same clutch as Mirflameze. I learned that her orange color is a variation, due to the genetic tampering the Baroknians did. She didn't bond with anyone that was on the hatching sands when she hatched. When I was searched and asked to take a place for the next hatching I agreed. One day I was called for, and taken to a strange wood. There, there was Baketra realing around and I could hear a voice in my head. "
I know she's here. She wasn't here before, but now she is. Where is she?" then she turned around and looked strait at me. "There you are, why weren't you here before? I've been waiting." "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm here now." "Yes you are. Can we go now?"
     "Well, I guess we now know why she's been restless the last few days." I heard from the other side of her. I turn my head and a women dressed in red and gold steps out. It was Mystic. "Well, you two are mates now. I guess you won't be attending the next hatching after all." and she smiled at me, a few days later we came back. When we did, Baketra said that she sensed another hathian dragon. I didn't know what she was talking adout at the time, but then I recived a letter from Terrie a few days later. We came out to see her. We then learned that Baketra and Mirflameze were from the same clutch. They hit it of together immediately. Since hathain dragons like liveing in groups Terrie offered for us to move into their home saying that it had more then enough room. And sense my old home was way to small for the both of us we agreed. So both of us live here now."       
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