Myrithica, a world deserted, ever since the former queen was assassinated decades ago. After her death, a grand funeral was held in     her honor. But when the last shovel full of dirt covered her casket, the land itself seemed to fly into a rage, with earthquakes, volcanoes,    and tidal waves. The sky added it's own fury, with tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, and some things that can't be given a name.                Blackness covered the sun making pure darkness. And for years the land was unlivable for anything.                                                     

Now, the land has finally calmed, and a new ruler has taken the throne
It's people have started to return, and for others it has become a welcomed sanctuary.
                          As you walk out of a dense wood and over the crest of a hill. You see a city spread out before you.

     Yourself. like many others, have taken one of the many portals leading into, and out of this world. Whether by accident, curiosity, or hope. As you walk through the city you are dazed by all the activity. With construction seeming to be the main thing taking place. The marble castle in the center seems to be the only structure left untouched by the disasters.
     Walking through the city you come the side of a lake. Reflecting the blue of the sky it's as smooth as glass. So smooth that you don't see the tentacle reaching out for you. Before it reaches you a stick comes down knocking it away back into the water. Turning there's an old man standing there looking at you.

"You should be more careful, never know whats going to come popping out at you."
"What was that."
"Some creature or another. You'll find them all over the place if you know where to look."
"Like what?"
"Well, there's that one right behind you."

Turning quickly, you see that the old man isn't lying, as a large beast flies out of the sky and lands near the castle. It stays still for a moment before moving on, dissappearing behind the castle. Into what kind of layer you can't guess. Your breathless as you stand there not believing what you have just seen.
"Impressed are you."
"I've never seen a thing that big."
"Ha, well I think there will be many more of those beasts about soon. They say her dragon has a clutch. A clutch that she will be putting into the hands of those who earn them."
"What do you mean earn them?" 
"Some test or another. Why, are you interested?" and he just gives you a look. "Well, if you are I suggest you go that way." and he points at the bridge leading into the castle. "I'm sure the lady would be glad to see you." and he walks off disappearing as fast as he appeared.

    "Her want to see me. That old man has to be off his rocker. Why would she want to see me?" you think to yourself, but the castle seems strangly inviting."Well, it can't hurt."and you walk inside.
    Walking in through the entrance way, you can't but help feel like your being watched. Suddenly you can hear scraping sounds coming from the shadows. And a blue dragon slides out blocking your way.
    A girl walks out from behind the dragon "Who are you?" she asks. You give her your name and tell her what the old man told you. "Wait one moment." and she dissappears back behind the dragon. You can hear footsteps going down the hall. After waiting a few minutes she comes back. "She can see you. Just go that way." and she points down the hall. Going to the dragons head she leads it out of your way and into a courtyard. 
As you walk through the main hall. You admire the tapestries and decorations lining the hall, the stain glass windows showing stories of adventures, legends, and myths. Portraits hung of the kings, queens, princes, and princesses of the past, and ancient swords decorate the walls.
      You come to a set of doors. The dark wood that they're made of have designs lined in gold. As the sun shines through the windows it makes the whole room glitter. Walking through the doors you see a padded throne but no one seems to be there. Looking at it you see scratch marks in the metal.
     "Hello" you say cautiously. The sound echos in the large room.
"Who's there?" comes a reply form behind a curtain, leading into a room, on the left side of the meeting hall. You give your name and say that you were to come here. "Oh, you." you hear boots hitting stone as a women walks out the door.
"Hello, I'm Elina."

Not exactly what you expected is she. If your thinking:
"There's no way this can't be her, arn't princesses supposed to wear fluffy dresses, and dimond jewelry, and act all huffy and stuff."
Reply: "I'd like to see you try it."

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