Myrithica, a land deserted even by the creatures of the shadows. With the Shadow Lord vanished, and no one else strong enough to take control, they to were forced to flee. To the darkest worlds they scattered themselves, waiting at the gates for the world to let them return. When it finally did, most returned to find their Lord waiting in the Dark castle, and some will never return, haven been taken in the strange world that they took as their refuge.   
    However, not all were ready to go back under the power of the Dark Lord. Haven been given a taste of freedom, many thought to take his place. But there can be only one Lord, and he wasn't ready to give it up. At times, battle can still be heard waging in the Dark Castle as another fool looses his life trying to defeat him.

                                                                          *                   *                    *
     Landing in the middle of a swamp, looking around there's a familiar site in the distance. Heading there, you reacquaint yourself with the sounds, smells, and feeling of the place, or learn them if you are strange to this world. Walking into the village, it seems abandoned, if anyone lives there they're staying out of site. The castle looms it's usual shadow over the village, as if it would stand up to time itself just to spite it. Continuing on, you get on odd feeling, as if your being watched.  
     "You can feel it, can't you." you hear coming from one of the dark allies. "Who are you?" you say in a cold voice. "The Shadow Lord sensed you, he did. Sent me to find you." as a strange boy comes out of the shadows. "You will come with me." "Oh, and who is this Lord that he thinks he can order me." "He is the master. You will come. For the master wishes to see you." "Does he now." Reaching forward quickly you seize the boy and press a dagger to his throat. "Or, I could just send YOU back to him in PIECES."

     "YOU will let go of him. Unharmed." you hear a dark voice coming from the shadows. "Oh, and are you another servant of this shadow lord." "No, I AM the Shadow lord." As a figure steps out of the shadows. Tall, with black hair, and pale skin, but with eyes that seem to burn into your very soul. "I'll need to watch him." you think to yourself. Keeping the boy in front of you. "and what makes you think I'll just do what you say." "Because you will or you will die. Just like many others have before you." "Oh, I don't see much proof of that. No bones no fires." "Because I leave none behind to dirty this place." he says evenly. and you can tell he is telling the truth. "Well, you wanted me. Mind telling what for." "I had thought of giving you the chance to acquire a source of power.""Power? What kind of power?" as he starts to catch your interest. "This kind." giving you a crooked smile you find your hostage ripped out of your hands and yourself floating in the air. The boy runs behind the lord. He gives the boy a quick glance before focusing his attention on you. And up you rise until you are looking at a large beast.           
    "Alright I'm impressed." you say trying to sound calm. "Good, because if your lucky you may have one soon enough." "How?" you      ask, while starting to like the idea, starting to like it a lot. "A clutch has been laid. Convince the mothers bond that you are worthy, and at  hatching day you will have your beast." as he turns and disappears into the shadows taking the boy with him. Leaving you standing there,  alone with your thoughts.                                                                                                                                                                 

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