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This is the section dedicated to Jaye's Chakotay het stories.


A Gift of Understanding

C/7, PG-13

Summary: Seven gets a surprise.

Note: Set around the time of "Day of Honor", when Chakotay's attitude toward Seven began to change. I go by the original birthdates for Chakotay (2335) and Seven (2348).

Case Closed

C/T, PG-13

Summary: Chakotay speaks his mind in the wake of the Jonas incident.

Note: Originally written for the 2003 "Die J/C Die" contest. Set immediately after "Investigations". Could develop into a C/T series. I go by the original birth dates for Chakotay (2335) and B'Elanna (2346).


J/C, NC-17

Summary: Chakotay talks with Kathryn a year after their return from New Earth.

Note: Set exactly one year after the ending of "Resolutions" (which I haven't seen, so sorry for any inconsistencies). As mentioned above, first attempt at het sex, so if there's a glaring error or faux pas please let me know. Originally written for the 2002 Blue Alert Contest.


C/7, PG-13

Summary: Three people on Voyager think about Chakotay.

Note: Part 1 is set just after "Workforce, Conclusion", Part 2 "Human Error", and Part 3 "Renaissance Man". Originally written for the 2003 Die J/C Die Contest. I go by the original birth dates for Chakotay (2335) and Seven (2348).

Into the Breach

J/C, NC-17

Summary: What might have happened if there had been no distractions in the Void?

Note: A non-canon treatment of "Night". Written for the 2003 Blue Alert Contest.

A Demonstration of Desire

C/T, NC-17

Summary: Chakotay and B'Elanna have an appointment.

Note: A PWP written for the 2003 Blue Alert Contest.

Risky Business

(P/T), C/T, NC-17

Summary: Unveiled secrets also reveal some hard truths about Tom and B'Elanna's relationship.

Note: Set before the last scene of "Extreme Risk". Refers to events in "Day of Honor", "Unity", "Scientific Method", "Vis a Vis", and "Hunters". Written for the 2004 Die J/C Die Contest.

Strangers in the Night

C/Seska, NC-17

Summary: Chakotay recalls his first meeting with Seska.

Note: Starts at the end of "Basics II". Flashback set before "Caretaker".


J/C, NC-17

Summary: It all depends upon your point of view.

Note: Written for the 2004 Blue Alert Contest. The first section is set at the end of "Unforgettable"; the others occur some time after "Endgame" and mention events from "Star Trek: Nemesis".

Part 1 - Part 2

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