Candidate Sacilla Sacilla stared at the Lord Holder Engall, and grinned.
"Soam has grown alot, hasn't he? He's only three months old, and he can already crawl, and saw Maman"

Engall gazed at her with amusement, his voice filled with laughter.
"Ah, but it has taken him three months to learn how to laugh."

"Thats not true!"
Sacilla protested, and giggled.

"Sacilla? Lord Holder Engall?"
The messenger paused. "There is someone here to see the young miss. He says his name is Goam."

Sacilla froze, and turned cold right before Engall's eyes. He was surprised. All of a sudden, Sacilla seemed to be surrounded by an icy... aura. She spoke, and her voice, was dead, calm, and like winter.

"Send him in."

Sacilla held Soam to her chest, and Engall could see her hands tremble. He didn't know what to say. Sacilla turned the cold eyes at him, and he thought to himself, that it almost outmatched his. Her eyes softened a bit, and seemed to send him a message. 'Go' they said.
So he left. The minute he did, a proud man walked in, and Sacilla's eyes filled with hate, while her heart filled with dread. She sat, and didn't get up. Goam stood around, leering at her.
They stood like that, silently, all alone.

"You never had my fathers permission to leave. I order you to come back."
Goam's words held a threatening note. One, that involved her son.

But Sacilla just looked up slowly. She was more... wiser. Goam blinked in surprise at the malice in her eyes. She stood up, slowly. And her presence seemed to take over the room.

"You have No right to order me"

Goam regained his confidence, and swore at her. Called her names... which Sacilla hoped her son would never hear. But she just looked up, and wished some one would come in to save her.

"Lord Holder Goam I see. No... its the son of the Lord Holder, isn't it?"
It was a pleasant voice that drawled the words out.
"I'm afraid, Sacilla is right. You cannot take her away from us."

Sacilla felt the presence, of K'yle. She seemed to lean towards it.

"Who are YOU to say that you fool? Your nothing but a stupid man."

K'yle chuckled. It really sounded amused.
"I am K'yle, rider of Brown Yenitoth, and son of Lord Holder Engall. The Only Son."
But the words were clipped, some more louder then others.

Goam turned to him, and laughed.
"I'm so scared. My father knows your father. And mine outracks yours by a mile a minute. What are you going to do about it?"

Sacilla answered for K'yle, and turned frosty eyes onto Goam.
"I'm going to tell you to leave, and to never come back. If you come back, I'll personally send every dragon after you to hunt for your blood. If you hide, I will sent in every fire lizard to hunt for your blood. If you live, I will send the watch-whers after you. If you die, I will make sure your death, is worst then a life in /between/."

Goam laughed harshly, but stumbled out. Sacilla watched him run, and turned grateful eyes to K'yle. Soam woke up them, and giggled. Sacilla looked down, and wished with all her heart, that she would impress. She didn't want to return. But she knew, she would have to if she didn't impress. She wished... that what ever Soam became when he grew up, that he wouldn't be like his father. And she wished... that one day, she would be able to look back on this moment and not feel the pain she does now.

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