Petapipa looked over her shoulder and spotted her younger brother running towards her.

"Pinokn! What happened?"

The 8 Turn old boy was in tears, was in tears. Sniffing, he answered.
"Pinn and Pinpol won't let me play with them! I want to run too!"

Petapipa grinned, and nodded.
"Here, you want to see a surprise?"

Instantly, the boys attention was diverted.
"What is it?"

From behind her, a large blue firelizard popped out, and stared at the little boy. Pinokn squealed with delight.
"Is he yours?"

Petapipa nodded.
"I impressed him from Rohlen Hold. You know the place daddy took us once?"
Pinokn nodded, his attention taken by the blue color. Grinning, he looked at her.
He yelled.

Petapipa grinned again, and left her younger brother chasing her flit. She hoped Yaholen wasn't too tired afterwords... Remembering what she had been originally set out to do, she started to walk towards the kitchens.

She yelled out, hoping to find her.

Petapipa turned around to see her mother. She was a taller, plumper, and a more womanly version of her daughter. Her oldest daughter, and her oldest child.

"Dad said you need me."

"Yes, I do. Listen, can you take over for awhile? We need someone to help Gana, the head woman. You know, run around. I don't think I can do it at my age anymore..."

Petapipa laughed.
"You're not that old. Listen, I'll go find her. You rest ok?"
With that, she ran off, hoping to find the headwoman before she got impatient.
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