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Ritana grinned at Miz, and asked.

"So, how come your here? Are you a candidate some place? What about your family? What do they think of you being here? Do they have anything against it? You know?"

Miz laughed, and answered.
"Well, I was suppose to be a candidate, but the sands were too full... I mean, there were too many candidates, so the Weyrwoman didn't  think of sending me there. She said she wanted to send me to a place where I might have a better chance of impressing. But meanwhile, I offered to help Kgin, with the watch wher's. She said it was alright with her as long as Kgin didn't mind.... hmm..."
She paused for awhile covering a yawn. She grinned sheepishly.
"My family? I have three sisters, and a mother, and a father. They haven't been married long... ok, so maybe thats an under statement of the turn. My mother, has trouble um... concieving. You see, she comes over often, and before that too, she used to travel /between/... she didn't know that you could loose a baby there, that happened alot. There would be  periods of time when she couldn't go, because it hurt too much. Thats why there is only the three of us... my parents... aren't the smartest people you have ever heard of. My mother is happy I'm here, because it had been her dream to be a dragon rider, but she hasn't lived up to it. Same with my dad. My sisters were jealous, but I guess they should be over it now...."

"Do you like it here?"

Miz nodded.
"I do. It becomes a problem staying down here. And, I know we don't need to... but... its like an adventure. Besides.."
Miz grins cheekily.
"This is one place where your enemy can't get you!"
She turned serious.
"I guess this place is alright. Its quite busy, and alot of people move around alot, but for me... things are just what I would have wanted them to be... with a few changes. I help out Kgin with the watch whers, so they know me quite well. But I haven't impressed one. Although you can say that Sayon has adopted me.... but when I'm free, I help Gana out. You know, sending messages back and forwards, helping, cleaning, cooking, I do a little of anything. But not much. Just sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, the usual."

Ritana nodded.

Miz bolted upright, and told her.
"We've got to go now. I've kept you down here too long. Besides, don't you want to go back up there?"
She asked, pointing to the cieling.

Ritana nodded gratefully.
"It was getting kind of cramped in here."
She confesses.

Miz opens the door slightly and pushed Ritana out. She managed to squeeze herself out of the hole and closes the door. Grinning, she opens the other one and leads her up the stairs. As they reach the door, Miz lets go of her hand and opens it.

"Well, I'd take you to the Weyrwoman's Weyr."


Miz nodded, and motioned for her to follow her. As they walked, she started to whistle. A shrill sound. Ritana bit her lip, trying to keep from wincing. Miz looked back and grinned.

"Sorry, its a habit I have. Its used to train the watch whers... actually, its just like my sound. It guess you can say they know me for it... although they know my smell. Is also..."
She grinned.
"A habit I pcked up after my front tooth fell out."

"Mizuki! I see you've kept the search rider occupied?"

Mizuki whirled around to see the Weyrwoman looking at her, with a gentle smile. Grinnnig, she nodded.

"Ritana, could I speak to you.....?"

Mizuki looked around, while the Weyrwoman and the search rider seemed to have a long discussion. She tried to look away politly, but inside, she couldn't help wondering what they were talking about. It just wasn't fair!
Afterwords, Ritana motioned for Mizuki to join them, and she did, curious. Ritana had a huge grin on her face, and took a deep breath before asking.

Would you like to be a candidate at Andromea Weyr?"

There was no answer, because Mizuki just couldn't think anymore...
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