"Mizkuri! Mizkuri!"


She shook her head and brushed the sleep out of her eyes, as she managed to contain a yawn. Stretching, she yawned once more and looked up, as she brushed her hair out of her eyes. Then, she saw a tall figure standing behind the head woman and bolted up.

"Holy Shards!"

Realising what she had just said, Mizkuri started to chew on her lip. The figure came forwards, and started to laugh. SHE had short brown hair and very green eyes. As the woman stopped laughing, she introduced herself.

"Hi, I'm the searchrider of Andromeda. Mizkuri is your name?"

Mizkuri relaxed, and smiled.
"Yeah, but most people call me Miz."

She looked around, and realised time had really gone by fast! She had only come down here to rest for awhile before going back to.. to...


She was suppose to help the drudges organize their work! Looking around frantically, she started to worry her lip again. The headwoman Gana laughed and assured her.

"I've sent someone else to help them get ready. Don't worry. I knew you'd forget. But I need your help. Weyrwoman Naeodin won't be back for awhile, so I need you to keep her company. You're the only one with time... "

Mizkuri nodded, and looked over at her. Grinning, she motioned for her to follow her.

"I"m staying with a drudge right now. But they won't be in... all of them were called to help with something... and besides, at this time of the day, she should be away. She usually spends this time becoming the social freak. Come on."

"What does your friend do?"

The reached the records room, where there were two doors. Mizkuri took the door to the left, which was worn out, and made of old wood. She opened it and the searchrider could see a stone stair case leading into a pit of darkness. Mizkuri motions for her hand, and holds it. Then, she descends down. She could smell a musky scent and could hear deep growls.

Miz commands, and the growls lead to a whimper.

She leads her to a small outline of a door, and enters. Leaving both girls in pit blackness. But light shines as glow baskets are uncovered. She sees that it is a stone hallway of some sort, with three door like frames and one with a door.
Then suddenly, out of no where, a large brown watch wher flies towards her.

Barks Miz, and The searchrider jumps back in surprise.

"She breeds watch whers."
Miz answers, in a more... nicer voice.

"This one, impressed to her, and since I stay here, sort of tolerates me. But we've grown rather fond of each other now. So, I'll show you around then?"

Sayon stays where he is, and looks around. He was a full grown wher yet. Miz leads her to one of the door frames, and looks in. It was a bedroom of sorts. Square, it had to cots, a desk, shelf, closet, and a large collection of glow baskets. But they were covered. She could only see a dark outline, as the light from the hallway was dim.

"Sayon doesn't like the light, so we keep it dark as possible. But this light is suitable. Most of the time, we keep him out here and open up the glow baskets, but we first close the doors."

Analyssa noticed for the first time that there were actual doors. She gets led into the second room, which seems to be where the girls spend most of the time. There were desks, chairs, vases with flowers, bits and pieces of food, and in one corner, a bowl with meat. She could smell it, yet Miz seemed almost indifferent to the stentch.

"Most people are horrified by the smell, but I've been here too long..." she pauses, for effect.

The next door, which Miz opens slightly, leds a beam of light through. Sayon runs for a corner, as she slips inside. Analyssa follows. They room was lit all over with glow baskets. In the center, was a pile of soft looking coushins. The room held a glow to it, coming out from the dark.

"This is
my room. Its too light for the watch whers, too small to fit too cots and all, andso its mine."

She grins, and sits down, with her next to her. She grins back. Yawning, Miz falls back into the pillows.

"Well then, ask away!"

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