"Go away"
C'ton murmured drowsily.

The dragon chuckled, and C'ton cursed. He just had to be stuck with an early riser! Getting up, he yawned and stretched. Elkeruth was a Weyrling now. And the most annoying creature in the whole of Pern! Well...


C'gall, the Weyrling Master was the most annoying creature in the whole of Pern. But he just didn't know it.

He drawled.

"Did you know, this is the eight sharding time you've been late for my lessons?"

C'ton frowned.
"Are you sure? I thought it was only the seventh... unless you count that time...."

C'gall rolled his eyes.
"Dragons help me!"
He muttered.

C'ton tried to hide his laughter, but he couldn't. As he grinned at the Weyrling Master, he said in his more serious voice.

"It won't happen again."

C'gall nodded and left. The minute he was out of sight, C'ton started to laugh. He heard Elkeruth chuckle, but he wasn't so sure.

"So, Elky, what about talking to those lovely young ladies we saw, down by the lake?"

We have to confront C'gall sooner or later you know.

C'ton nodded.
"This will be the last time we fool around. Besides..."
C'ton grinned.
"Those Weyrling Riders are quite cute."

Is that all you think about?

C'ton looked at his bronze, and nodded.
"Aye, it is!"
And laughed.
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