Stats of Candidate

Csipton (Ship-Tonn) C'ton
20 Turns
Siyyln, 46 Turns
Kuinn, 48 turns
Bjun, 12 Turns
Dijn, 15 Turns

Fjun, 28 turns
Giina, 10 Turns

Candidate at-
Dawn Sisters Weyr


Jet black down to nape. He keeps it brushed back loosly so that every so often, a lock or two would fall over his face. Thick and slightly curly but more of a wave then curls. He gets it from his mother, and his American ancestors.

Pale blue, like ice, and cold. A trait within his family. Coming from his Terran ancestors, the Americans. Same as his hair. Stands out in his face, and is what people seem to notice first. Has a marrow slant in corners.

Brown black. The dull kind, not the shiny. Makes his eyes stand out more, being the only light colored thing. Comes from his African ancestors, or so he has been told.

Deep, scruffy, like the times when someone is about to loose their voices for talking too much. Has a hint of smoothness in it, like wine. Knows how to manipluate his voice so he can get what he wants. Has a twang of an accent, that makes him round his vowels and snap his constanants.

Although it is not very accurate, most of his ancestors were what were claled African's (obvious in his skin tone and built, which is tall, and a relaxed built), American's (shown in his eyes, hair and voice), and a hint of Asian (in the shape of eyes).

Csipton, is not perfect. He is far from it. Having developed his personality since he was 4, it is impossible to break it out of him. Csipton is very confident. Not that its good. He believes everything he says is right, and that when he says jump, the only thing others would say would be
"how high?"
Bold, he says things he wants to say, and loves to boss others around. But sometimes, its not such a bad thing. He knows what he wants, how he wants it, and when he wants to have it. He can be very ruthless at times, but otherwise, is capable of having a kind heart. (20%)
Csipton is not the type of panic. In fact, he becomes for calmer during stressful situations. Csipton is quite lazy, and loves nothing better then to get out of doing work. Especially what he considers woman's work.

Having never had a relationship that lasted more then three sevendays, it is hard to describe it. It being Csipton who breaks them up, always being dissatisifed. After he has it, he doesn't like it anymore. Girls don't chase him, he doesn't chase girls. But when he does get a girl, he gets bored of her. He gets very cold towards them afterwords... but that doesn't mean hes had alot of women in his life. But otherwise, he is quite nice to everyone, polite and friendly.
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