"Elkeruth.... just because you're a little hatchling doesn't mean you have to be cute you know."

So your saying I'm ugly then Sana?

"Oh no... C'ton? C'ton!"

Csipton, or at least, now C'ton, grinned at Sana. He had impressed a few sevendays ago, a tiny bronze hatchling. The other girl... had impressed a green.

{Elkeruth, stop teasing her... she's quite sensitive.}

But she started it!

{I know}

Why are you taking her side?

{Because every time I take your side, she cries.}

Its not my fault.

Isn't it?}

C'ton grinned at his hatchling.

C'ton, stop being mean to Elkeruth. Sana and I need to leave now, so stay and be good.

"Yes ma'am"
C'ton answered.

Looking around, C'ton spotted the Weyrwoman. Running up, he started a conversation.

"So, C'ton, how is Elkeruth today?"

"Hungry as ever."
He chuckled.

Alora was suprised. C'ton had changed after the impression. He was more.. laid back, and he didn't eye the women too much. Alora knew not to take it for granted. Now, his time seemed to be full, trying to please his bronze.

C'ton????????? What are you doing with that woman? I want to go swim!!!!

C'ton groaned, but not before excusing himself.

C'ton? Also... you want to feed me and oil me  and scratch me now?

C'ton groaned. Looking at his bronze, he saw, what to him looked like a grin. Walking forwards menancingly, he hugged the little creature close to him and smiled into his hide.

Whats wrong?

"Nothing.... nothing......"
He muttered.

"I just don't want to go through all the trouble of pampering you."
He joked.

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