Wake up Wherry head

C'ton opened one eye and looked out into the swirling green eyes of his bronze. Groaning, he  turned over and tried to go back to sleep. TRIED VERY VERY HARD INDEED.

"Elkeruth! Stop it! I know your staring at my back!"

Wake Wherry head?

C'ton got up grumbling.
"Yeah yeah."


C'ton glared at his bronze.
"Since when?"

Since I found out I was really a queen in a different shade.


I got you this time.

C'ton moaned. Rubbing his eyes, he glared at Elky.
"I'm up."
He sighed.

Good. Lets go eat.

Thats why you wanted me to wake up?}


Getting out of the bed, he briefly considered locking up the bronze in a deserted cave for a time being... enough to get some real sleep for. But he decided against it. There was no cave big enough to fit both Elkeruth and his over large ego. But then, rider like dragon wasn't it?
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