Naeodin and Sasiath

Gender: Female
Rank: Senior Weyrwoman

Physical Description: Naeodin is small, but carries around an air that makes her seem tall. Since the day she had impressed, Naeodin had changed. Her skin grew darker from spending too much time outside, and is a warm tan color, with a hint of yellow. She grew her hair, which is now shoulder length long. Naeodin has curly/wavy hair, in thick masses that is almost as gold as Sasiath's hide. Her eyes are almond shaped, and slanted at the outer corners. Light blue in color, it creates a contrast with her bright hair, dark skin, and dark clothing. Having filled out nicely, she seems to be bigger in the chest area, and smaller in the bum area.

She has a fondess for narrow hipped skirts, but with wide ends, the type that sashay when walking, and create a whisp whisp noise. She can often be found in a dark gold dress, with narrow hips and a wide skirt, a layer of yellow ruffles. Her dress has no sash, but a simple braided cord made from leather and sapphires rest on her hip. Sleeveless, and with a wide, scooped neck, it creates very rope thin straps. Plain otherwise, she usually wears a small, veil thin choker around her neck, but made from a scarf. SHe wears her hair down, and wears a simple ring on her finger. A gold band, but with a simple white/yellow jewel studded in the middle.

Personality & Background: A quiet looking Weyrwoman, she is the very oppisite. Cheerful most of the time, and worst then three brooding queens when she's angry, Naeodin likes to keep to her self, keep things hidden from others. Never serious, even with Lord Holders, they have a very hard time trying to convince her of things when she doesn't believe in it. Very stubborn, Naeodin has alot of pride, and hates to loose it. And very very arrogant. Some people wonder why she isn't a bronze rider instead. Likes to avoid fights, and puts it off for as long as she can. But when she does fight, beware is all I can say!

Searched when she was 15, Naeodin was brought to the sands of a Weyr. Her mother and father were very disappointed, as they had hoped for her to become a Dolphineer like them. She stood on the first clutch, but didn't impress. Naeodin stayed, and helped the Records keeper about, and learnt to read and write. She learnt more about thread and dragons, and became friends with the Weyrling Master. By the time the second clutch came around, Naeodin was 17. She stood again, and was the last to impress. She impressed Gold Sasiath. For three turns, they trained. And on the side, Naeodin helped the Weyrwoman about.

When she was 22, the Weyr was too full, so Naeodin, along with B'nir decided to move for a short period of time. When she came back, the Weyr... was gone. So from scratch, B'nir and Naeodin built Istabitha's Weyr. They had half completed their job, when at 24, Sasiath had risen, and had been caught by a mysterious bronze. No one knows yet. Not even Naeodin. The Weyr was named Istabitha's Weyr... Ista, coming from the name of the original Weyr, and Bitha, the name of... well, lets just say it was a trip into the future.


Name: Sr. Queen Sasiath
Age: 10 Turns
Color: Gold

Physical Description: Sasiath, is small for a queen. The size of a average bronze. But she is very very gold. Not gold, but bright gold, and when she rises, she turns into a bolt of light herself. Sasiath looks very delicate, and has a smirk that looks almost human.

Personality: Sasiath, is always nice. But when she's clutching, or brooding, or has a clutch at the sands, she is a mean machine. She loves tiny flits, and is very interested in human life. She finds babies fascinating, and always pesters Naeodin to 'rise' herself.


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