This is the first year that the Hamilton Spectator reported regularly hockey games that were played in the city. The majority of the games were played by teams formed by members of the 13th Battalion (now the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry). It appears that the games were initially played with ten players per team. Games were played at the armoury.

Nov 29 Company D vs. Company H
Dec 2 Company B vs. Company E
Dec 5 Company G vs. Sergeants
Dec 9 Band vs. Company A
Dec 13 Bugle Band vs. Company F
Dec 16 Company A vs. Company C
Dec 20 Company B vs. Company G
Dec 23 ? Company D vs. Company F
Dec 26 Bugle Band vs. Company D
Jan 6 Company D vs. Company C
Jan 8 D.M. Cameron vs. G.E. Mason
Jan 10 Company D vs. Company B
Jan 13 Sergeants vs. Bugle Band
Jan 26 Canada Life vs. Bank of Montreal
Jan 27 Company A vs. Company B
Feb 3 Bugle Band vs. ?
Feb 4 Thistles vs. Niagara Falls
Feb 7 Company E vs. Company G
Feb 15 Victorias at Niagara Falls
Feb 17 Company A vs. Company D
Feb 21 Bugle Band vs. Brass Band
Feb 25 ? Victorias vs. Varsity
Mar 4 Thistles vs. Torontos
Mar 7 Victorias vs. Thistles
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