It is doubtful that much hockey was played this winter. On February 8, the Hamilton Evening Times mentioned that "the members of the Thistle Club have been chasing the puck for some weeks and are getting fairly proficient. Matches will be arranged before long." It appears that the first game of hockey to draw any significant attention was a game played between a team from Galt and the Granites from Toronto. Several hundred people reportedly attended the game, including fans from both Galt and Toronto.

The subsequent increased interest in the game resulted in several pick-up games (possibly) being played. The players of the "no name" teams were by and large the same as those who (possibly) played in the Banks vs. Town game on February 10.

Feb 10 ? Banks vs. Town
Feb 11 Galt vs. Granites (Toronto)
Feb 16 ? no name vs. no name
Mar 12 ? no name vs. no name
Mar 16 ? no name vs. no name
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