Fairy Dragons at Ryslen

Fairy Dragons

A young man came skittering around the corner, eyes wide in alarm, and all but crashed into Tiyanni, who was walking with red rider Ke'li.

"Ty!" the young man said explosively. "There are eggs on the flit sands!"

Tiyanni regarded the breathless young man warily. "The firelizard sands are empty."

"They should be! But they're not!" The young man said, and took the retired woman by the hand and led her there. Ke'li followed along silently. "See?"

Sure enough, there lay two eggs, bigger than firelizard eggs, but smaller than the dragon eggs that were seemingly always on Ryslen's sands.

"They look like Fairy Dragon eggs." Ke'li observed, his Alis Gryph chittering in agreement from his shoulder.

Tiyanni smirked at the young watchrider. "I'll leave them in your knowledgable hands then, Ke'li."

* * *

Time passes, and as the eggs harden, Ke'li and his myriad pets keep a watchful eye on them.

"Ke'li?" asked Searcher Minaeya one day when she stopped to chat with the young redrider. "Why do your eggs have names?"

The young man looked up at her. "They're Fairy Dragons, Min. They don't name themselves - and the red eggs are always fires, and the blue eggs always waters. Their gender isn't color dependant like our dragons'..."

Min puzzled at this for a moment, and then the eggs began to rock. The red egg hatched into a firey red male, and the blue egg hatched into a cool blue female. Zeph, and Hekki. Simple as that.

* * *

Zeph and Hekki grew quickly, and soon after they reached their adolescent stature, a flock of multicolored firelizards began to take over the flit sands where the two fairy dragons had hatched.

The red and blue dragons watched with interest, and a spark in their innocent eyes. How intriguing.

Their youthful spotted camoflauge had changed over to stripes, and their wings had grown. In a few more months, that too would change, and they would grow to adulthood -- and perhaps create eggs of their own.

* * *

Fairy Dragon Stats
(Egg 1)
Name: Zeph
Color: Fire (red)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Mate: none yet
(Egg 2)
Name: Hekki
Color: Water (blue)
Gender: Female
Age: Adult
Mate: none yet

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