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This was the largest [egg] in the clutch, and it rocked furiously before bursting apart. Two smallish greens crashed to the ground, their pale hides blending together and making it hard to tell where one hatchling ended and another began. The two sisters picked themselves up and looked at each other. Silently, one held back while the other moved forward, letting her twin be the first to bond.

The light green trotted to the remaining two male candidates and looked up at Fiorion.
My name's Akuaneth, Fiorion. I...I hope I'm good enough for you. she said shyly.
Fiorion smiled. "Of course, Akuaneth. You're great!"
Really? Akuaneth preened, before her stomach got the better of her, and Fiorion led her away to get food.

The other light green moved forward now, and she moved to Sian, and sat looking up at the girl. I'm Dhith. You'll be my rider, won't you, Sian?
Sian grinned and stroked the green's head. "Definitely, Dhith."

-- written by Kitsuneko of Draco's Inferno

It had all happened so quickly, and Sian's practiced hand flew across the paper, making note of every last detail of the hatching. The hatching of Naith and Vaakth's small clutch, which had given her Dhith, the precious pale green who slumbered softly... under Sian's writing desk, of all places. Sian smiled to herself. May as well let her enjoy it while she can still fit there...
Sian drew a carefully kept piece of paper from her desk, and wrote a short message on it. It was no more than two lines across the paper, and Sian removed it from the sheet with utmost care and a sharp knife. Carefully she rolled the note up and tied it securely with a doubled strand of strong green thread. How appropriate... Sian thought with a smirk as she rose from the desk and slipped out of the weyrling barracks to find someone with a firelizard that knew how to get to Ryslen.

Jeyann was smiling when Q'wic stopped his headlong flight down the corridor to tap politely at her office door. "Come in Q'wic!" She called with a laugh.
"You sent for me, Prima?" Q'wic said, not even breathing hard though he'd run almost the entire way since Eilboteth relayed the summons.
"This was just delivered by overly-excitable firelizard." The Prima said, walking around her oversized desk to give him the curled bit of paper.

To Prima Jeyann of Ryslen, and her courier Q'wic: Greetings from a former Scribal Apprentice. Sian is very proud to announce her bonding with pale green Dhith!
"A green! How delightful!" Q'wic said, catching Jeyann's giddiness as if it truly were contagious.
"You're just saying that because your bond is blue..." Jeyann teased.
Q'wic blushed a deep shade of red. "I hadn't even thought of that..." He said quietly. "I just thought that maybe she'd be joining R'pid and I as express couriers... she's a scribe and all, she'd be great running errands and copying census information." He made a face at his friend.
"Dragonriding isn't about copying..." Jeyann agreed, dodging the good-natured verbal jab. "But how do you know she wouldn't rather work with your brother Q'wil in the scribal den?"
Q'wic shrugged. "I don't know that. She doesn't seem to be the sort that likes thankless tasks. She needs immediate responses..."
"And you know her so well already." Jeyann teased him. "You like her, don't you?"
"She's a girl after my own heart, Prima. A friend, nothing more. I hardly know her." Q'wic backpedaled.
Jeyann nodded in such a way as to accept his explanation and to classify it as a load of wher dung all in one casual gesture. "Anyway, she wanted you to know, so I passed on the message. You're free to go back to whatever you were doing."
In his mind, Eilboteth laughed. Yes, ridermine, how about you get back here to help me babysit?
Q'wic saluted his friend in a playful way and jogged out the door. He and his blue were watching Syrinx and Q'wil's daughter while they were off galavanting -- er... waiting for Opoysith & Mnelilth's clutch to hatch at Darkling Dawn.

Back at Draco's Inferno, Dhith was stirring. Mmmmrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm....... She said in that sleepy-playful way one does when stretching after a well deserved nap.
"Careful Dhith..." Sian warned lovingly. "You're still under the desk..."
I know. She said sleepily, then slithered out from under the desk and crossed the short distance to where Sian lay on the bed. Sian-Sian, I am hungry. Dhith said, stating the facts as she knew them.
"I imagine so. Your clutchmates all were fed about an hour ago. You must have been really tired!" Sian said, sitting up and reaching for her boots in one fluid motion.
I was. And now I am hungry. The green said, waiting patiently while her bond tugged on the laces of her boots.
"I know. And then you will be dirty and need a bath, and then oiling. I'm sensing a pattern..." Sian said with a sigh, though she didn't really mind it at all.
"That pattern will break in a week or three Sian. Until then, enjoy the time bonding with your dragon." The weyrlingmaster said from the doorway with a smile. Sian smiled back and then stood up. Dhith led the way to where the food would be waiting for them.

*     *     *

The strong hind legs that made Dhith's running speed seem like flying made leaping even easier. It seemed that she could jump higher than even her egg-twin Akuaneth. And her wings -- long and strong. She was already quick, and with more flight practice, she'd be like pale green lightning.
Sian was very proud of her, and deep in a corner of her mind, the former scribe thought that her Dhith might even give Eilboteth a run for his money. That definitely would get Q'wic's attention.
Sian! Look at me! the green squealed in excitement as she executed a barrel-roll in the sky. Sian's eyes went wide. "That's enough, Dhith-love. Come on down..." She said calmly and almost authoritatively. The weyrlingmaster gave her a nod of approval, and soon the pale green landed lightly nearby. Dhith would definitely own a piece of the sky -- once she was old enough.
*     *     *

"It's official, Dhith. We're off to Ryslen!" Sian said excitedly as she danced into the small weyr.
Dhith raised her head and looked at her bonded, faceted eyes whirling in amusement and adoration. And what shall we do there?
"Everything." Sian beamed. "Prima Jeyann assured me that she's already had requests for us to join Wings, so we'll have our pick, and that Q'wil -- Q'wic's older brother -- welcomes me to the Scribal Den..."
And I can race with Jepath and Eilboteth whenever I want. Dhith added as she rose, stretching out her powerful pale green wings.
"You mean flirt with Eilboteth?" Sian teased.
You mean flirt with Q'wic? Dhith teased back.
Sian blushed.

Name: Dhith
Color: Light Green (female)
Mother: Green Naith, of the Falas line
Father: White Vaakth, of the Dragonwillow Line
Place of Hatching: Draco's Inferno Weyr
Siblings: Draco's Inferno Clutch #5
               Her Egg-Twin Sister: Light Green Akuaneth (F'iori)
               Brothers: Blue Lhuketh (D'puv), Blue Yithith (Vrygas)
               Sisters: Green Shifeth (Rheina), Female White Maeovinth (Lilliwen)

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