2001 Flurry Topic

Ryslen Weyr
Winter Gather Flurry Flight Topic

Rules for the Flurry

(You didn't think I was going to let you at the topic before I saddled you with rules, did you?)
  1. Every page must be 100% done and up before you apply.
    I do not accept reserves. Any candidate not in by the deadline will not impress.

    Deadline: December 15, 2001

  2. Candidate stories must follow the chosen Topic.
    Any candidate stories failing this requirement will not be accepted.

  3. Candidates do not have to be Pern related.
    Ryslen will accept Pernese, Alskyrian, Danachian, or anything else you can dream up. The candidate must be humanoid, at least part of the time. (In other words, the candidate must be able to ride a dragon.)

  4. Your page must be child-safe.
    If you wouldn't want your little sister or your grandmother to read it, chances are it won't be accepted.

  5. There must be a working link back to Ryslen Weyr.
    Feel free to use the Ryslen Badge, a banner (found here), or a plain text link. Please try to put "Ryslen Weyr" instead of "here."

  6. If you Impress, you have one week to get your dragon's hatchling stage up.
    If you fail, they will be abandoned. You will have a week to get the weyrling stage up, and a week to get the adult stage up. If this is not humanly possible for you, you must Email Tiyanni before the week is up.

  7. You may not alter the images without permission.

  8. You must join the Mailing List!
    ( Click here to subscribe!) All notices, including hatchings, will be sent via this list! If you lose your dragon because you're not on this list, it's your own fault.

  9. You must read the rules.
    Congrats! You're already ahead of the game! Please indicate in the form whether you'll be siding with Tiyanni or Quachir for the post-hatching snowball fight.

  10. We understand that some people prefer to keep their weyrs traditional. If you prefer your candidate not impress an opposite gendered dragon, this Must be on your form. If it isn't, you have no right to complain when it happens. No Exceptions.

  11. If you'd like to name your own dragon, please put the name on the form. If you want to name your dragon, but still be surprised, put more than one name. Your names will not be taken and used for other dragons without your permission. Please be aware that putting a name on the form does not guarantee your dragon will have that name.

If you believe you have a valid reason for breaking one of these rules, please debate it with Tiyanni via email. As a scholar of philosopy, she'll greatly enjoy hearing (and refuting if necessary) your logic. If you break the rules, but haven't discussed with Tiyanni, expect to pay the consequences.

* * *

The Topic

This may come as no surprise to you, but the Topic is: Winter Gather. It's winter, it's time to celebrate, it's time to have snowball fights and find creative ways to get/stay warm. It's time to rejoice in simple pleasures and chats over spiced cider around the fire.

I'm leaving this rather open, but it's contained rather well. Some variations you might like to try are: 'First time seeing snow', 'snow-phobia' (be sure to have a good reason!), 'igloo-living hermit', umm... I'll post more if I get any brilliant ideas.

Snowshoes, skis, iceskates, ice fishing, tobogganning... anything you can do in the snow is fair game. My appologies to those of you who're currently experiencing the season called 'summer', and don't/won't have piles of the fluffy white stuff to inspire you. Have a nice cool lemonade and write something fantastic about someone being plopped into Ryslen's icyness from tropical heat...

Your candidate's story must contain snow.
This is not an option. If they really wish to impress a dragon from a snow-themed flight, it would be silly if they didn't have even one flake of snow.

Update: (Nov. 25th) Please note that the entire story is supposed to follow the theme, not just the last paragraph. Also, Ryslen is located on the Southern Continent, east of the Black Rock River (East Rock. Get it?) They're just having really bizarre weather this Turn.

Ryslen's Searchriders:
You are more than welcome to use your own Searchers.
Ryslen's five are listed for your convenience.
J'lenn on Blue Scith
J'lenn is King of the Hidebound - cranky. Very cranky. 40-ish. Single. Obviously.
D'run on Blue Okserth
D'run is the fatherly type, looks for good in everyone. He's late 40-ish, weyrmated to Headwoman's 2nd Ikara
R'lan on Blue Ancith
R'lan is the big brother type. Expect a bit of 'tough love' if necessary. He's 30-ish now, weyrmated to Greenrider Tylar
J'rin on Blue Amitath
J'rin is a fun-loving joker, and Amitath is never wrong. Arguing with him is a bad idea... J'rin is mid-20's, all-but-married to Greenrider Maiahn. (You can read his story here.)
Minaeya (Min, for short) on Night-Green Auspexeth
Min can see auras (read her story for details. Please note that she can not tell precisely what color a candidate will impress, unless they are strongly blue or green.), and Aussie has a very sensitive nose. Also they're Ryslen's only Female Searchers. Min is 20ish, and single.

Flurry Candidate Form
Hatching Grounds

~ Background by Tiyanni ~

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