Merigel, Anikkol, and Gelmar..

Two Riverís "Berried Alive" Gather: Merigel, Gelmar, & Anikkol.

Merigel pushed a stray lock of sun bleached brown hair out of her face. She sorted through her various liquors and got them back to where they usually were. She pretended not to notice the master staring her down. Not that master Kevairton was mean, he was just a very picky, very cynical. Heíd been the last to agree on the choice to promote her to Journeywoman at only seventeen turns, but in the end, he agreed that she did have the skill but because of her age she ought to stay at the hall, here in two river. Merigel, knowing how dangerous and taxing the Ďjourneysí could be, agreed with the cranky master, and that would not be the last time she did so. Finished reminiscing for the moment, Merigel looked down at her little book that she kept near her so she could write anything new she learned or thought of. When she looked back up, there was a man waiting there, with a woman on his arm.

"Good evening, Weyrleader Jíkosh, Weyrwoman Tiyanni. Itís always a pleasure to see you here. Is there anything I can get for you?"

The Weyrleader smiled and said, "How about some wine, Journeywoman Merigel, I hear theyíre offering one of yours."

Merigel blushed, the red color looking a bit off on her tanned face. "Actually, yes, Weyrleader Jíkosh, we are, Itís the raspberry vintage I made special so it would be seasoned for this time of year."

Weyrleader Jíkosh smiled at her. She was one of the quintuplets, he knew it. He could see her eldest sister, Jeniae, in her every time she smiled. "It sounds delightful, Vintner Merigel. Why donít you pour me a glass."

Merigel grinned. Her first sale of the night, and it was even her own vintage! She smiled, and poured him chilled raspberry wine in an iced glass. Perfect for a summer evening. The Weyrleader smiled, and Merigel said, "Is there something I can get you, Weyrwoman Tiyanni?"

Weyrwoman Tiyanni smiled, and said "Oh I donít know, Merigel, I want something different. Something a bit risky." Merigel grinned. A chance to use her favorite drink. "Well, Merigel, whatís it going to be?" the Weyrwoman asked as Merigel reached down for her CrŤme de Menthe bottle.

"A trundlebug." She says, and pulls out a second bottle, and a glass. Mixing correct amounts of the two liquors, Vodka and CrŤme de Menthe, Merigel makes the drink perfectly, as though sheís had time to practice.. "There you are, Weyrwoman Tiyanni, Enjoy."

The Weyrwoman smiled, sipped her drink, and then said something Merigel could not quite hear about trundlebugs. Merigel smiled as Weyrleader Jíkosh paid her for the drinks, and then Weyrwoman Tiyanni slipped her a 64th mark "for her pocket" she had said. The rest of the night went quickly, more people were ordering her raspberry wine than were ordering any other drink. Her shift went so well, she was surprised when her replacement arrived. She smiled, and let the other vintner into the booth, and then slipped out, almost a full mark in tips in her apron pocket.

"Merigel!" Gelmar called as he saw his sister step out of the vintner booth, a grin on her face. She turned at her name, and faced him, smiling bigger as her approached.

"íEvening, Gelmar." She said. "Walk with me? I need to change into my gather dress." Gelmar nodded, quiet as usual. Merigel grinned, and knew she was going to have to dance with Gelmar first. Heíd probably been looking for her to dance with him, he was always so protective of her, and especially of Maranni. Merigel smiled, and detached herself from her brotherís side long enough to freshen herself, run a brush through her straight, sun-bleached brown hair, and change into a just-below knee-length raspberry-wine colored dress. The dress had an empire waist, and the bodice was a white mock-neck with no sleeves.

Gelmar blinked at his sister. "Merigel, you look simply ravishing tonight. Shall we dance?" he said, leading her over to the dance square. Merigel smiled, having been right with her brotherís intentions, and smiled as the harpers started playing a slow dance just as they reached the dance floor. Merigel and Gelmar always danced the slow dances. As she was smiling, Gelmar pulled her out onto the dance floor, and they began to dance. As they spun slowly through the group of people, Gelmar saw Anikkol dancing with a remarkably pretty young woman. As they spun around so that Merigel could see the girlís face, and catching her eyes, she winked. The girl looked as if she was going to boil over, she was blushing so much. Gelmar got a confused look on his face, and Merigel said "Girl stuff." As the song ended, her eyes twinkling.

Gelmar grinned at her and started to speak, but Merigel cut him off. "Ah, Gelmar, my wonderful brother. Iím going to go dance with a.. friend.. if you donít mind." Gelmar nodded, and she skipped of to one of her vintner-friendís side, and asked him to dance. As Gelmar turned away, he smiled at the shocked look on her chosen companionís face.

Gelmar laughed to himself as he looked around for another dance partner. He looked out and spotted a girl who seemed to be about sixteen turns old, sitting and talking with another boy. He recognized them as the two running the bubbly pie/drinks booth. Bellarin and Danaeya, he thought their names were, they must be cousins, heíd heard the girl calling the boy Larin, and he had known Bellarin for a long time, and heíd not been one to be out with the girls very often.. unless they asked him. He thought about going to ask her to dance, as Anikkol wasnít there, seemingly having gone on to another girl, but then of course, Anikkol walked back up to her, punch in hand. She laughed, and took the punch, and they seemed to have a good conversation, even including the other boy.

Gelmar smiled, and thought to himself, Ďat least heís not dwelling over Maranni tonightí before searching out some punch for himself. He walked over to the refreshments table, and saw that there were riders seating themselves at a nearby table after getting punch. After getting his own punch, Gelmar walked over to them, managing to catch a break in their conversation. "Good evening, riders. Do you mind if I join you?" He said, rather politely.

One of them looked up at him with a brotherly smile, and gestured to the chair beside him. "Have a seat, young smithcrafter." Gelmar took the proffered chair, deciding that the rider had noticed his knot. The rider that had offered him the seat spoke again before he could thank him. "I am Rílan, rider of Blue Ancith, across from me is Dírun, rider of Blue Okserth," the older man nodded, and Rílan continued, "And Jílenn, rider of Blue Scith." Gelmar watched the manís face sour, but gave it no notice. "I am Gelmar App--Journeyman Smithcrafter." The older rider, Dírun, chuckled at his slip, but none of the three spoke.

That was when Gelmar noticed that Rílan and Dírun seemed to be talking to their dragons, and Jílenn was looking at him from across the table with an odd look on his face. "Is there anything I can do for you, Rider Jílenn?"

The rider grumbled, "You can tell me why I think I know you?" Gelmar nodded. He was used to people being confused. "Yes I can tell you, or at least I think I can. You most likely know Merigel, Kolmer, Anikkol, or Maranni. Weíre quints."

Jílenn nodded. "I know Maranni." And that was all he said.

Gelmar saw a girl heíd met earlier in the day, a girl that the had promised to dance with. "Excuse me, riders, I have a promise to keep." He left their company, and asked the girl to dance. She agreed, but when they both realized that it was a toss dance they hesitated.

Annikol however, did not hesitate in brining Danaeya out to toss dance, and they beat Gelmar and his companion to the floor. Gelmar was not to be outdone by his blond-haired, blue-eyed brother, and hesitated no longer.


And toss dance they did. Anikkol and Danaeya dropping out about three quarters of the way through the dance. Gelmar and his partner Cassili, were one of three couples left standing. Lady Keyanki looked wistfully onto the dance floor, the toss dance being her favorite, however she was unable to participate as she was pregnant.

Anikkol looked over at Danaeya, and started to apologize for his horrible toss dancing skills, when a rider walked up. "Anikkol?" he asked him.

"Yes, that would be me." Anikkol replies, and Danaeya looked curious.

"Youíve been searched for Gold Yanolithís clutch, on the sands at Ryslen Weyr." The rider responded. Anikkol was stunned, but the rider said, "And it is not wise to argue with Amitath."

Danaeya smiled. Sheíd met Amitath when friend of hers had been searched. She smiled at Anikkol, and said "Iím off to bed, healer--or shall I say candidate--Anikkol. Pleasant dreams." She smiled at the rider and said, "Have a good night, Rider Jírin."

The rider grinned, and Anikkol looked at him, "Rider Jírin, how do you know Danaeya?"

They sat and talked about everything from gather wares to weyr/hold/craft news. Jírin had asked Annikol about Danaeya, and Anikkol told him about her bubblies, and Jírin said something about knowing her friend Larin. Anikkol had nodded, he knew the boy Anikkol asked Jírin if heíd stopped by the vintner booth while his sister Merigel was working it earlier in the evening. Jírin had, he said "I did. I had one of her specials. A trundlebug."

Anikkol looked confused. "What do you make those out of?" he asked Jírin curiously.

Jírin smiled. "She said it was Vodka and CrŤme de Menthe."

Just then Merigel walked up. "Whatís this about CrŤme de Menthe?"

Anikkol muttered Ďspeak of Ďem and poof there they are, like they just came outta between or somethiní.í

Jírin just chuckled and said, "We were talking about drinks, Trundlebugs and your raspberry wine. Itís a very fine press if I do say so myself, and I think Weyrleader Jíkosh has taken a liking to it." Merigel blushed and Jírin stood. "Now Iíll leave you to talk with your brother. Maybe you two can consolidate all of your packing into one bag."

Merigel was confused, Anikkol astounded. All they said was "Packing?" and "Merigel?" respectively.

Jírin grinned at them, and said, "Do you really want to argue with Amitath?" Both shook their heads, and Jírin shooed them off to back as Anikkol explained the situation to an astounded Merigel.


Dírun stood talking to Rílan when Gelmar walked by. "Gelmar!" Rílan called to him, and he did an about face. "Okserth and Ancith want you to stand as a candidate. Go pack up, itís time for us to get leaving." Gelmar was stunned, and as Anikkol and Merigel walked by, Dírun, knowing about their search as well, said, "Hey you two! Wait for your brother!"


On their way to pack, Anikkol, Merigel, and Gelmar talked all about being candidates, and maybe riding someday if any dragon chose them. When they were so far as they could go, they split odd to their craft areas, healer, vintner, and smith, respectively, to pack for their stay at Ryslen Weyr.

Anikkol, Merigel, and Gelmar are Candidates for Yainolithís Clutch at Ryslen Weyr.


Geíar smiled, looking around. He thought about how heíd impressed his lovely brown Elborth, and how he had wanted Kolmer to be there, but how heíd been unable to be there because his Unath wasnít able to fly yet. He thought about the hatching, and remembered it clearly.

A large brown hatched next, and calmly walked across the sands. He was average in almost every way, it seemed. He stopped before Gelmar, a smithcrafter from Two Rivers, much to the delight of greenrider Jeniae, his older sister. Imímel looked pleased. After all, if his weyrmate was happy, so was he. Ge'ar looked towards his siblings. "His name is Elborth."

Geíar smiled, and left his sleeping dragonet, going off to look for Jeniae and Imímel so he could thank them for being there at the hatching. (Like theyídíve missed a hatching!)


Aíkko finished oiling his blue Phynneth. Phynneth was the last dragon awake in the weyrlings barracks, and he smiled, thinking about his impression to the blue. But that made him worry if Lady Keyanki was doing alright. She is doing just fine, Aíkko, and so is her son. I cannot wait for him to hatch. Aíkko smiled, but he did not have the energy to explain that humans didnít Ďhatchí. He thought about the hatching as he settled Phynneth down, remembering it clearly.

One of the smaller eggs split, revealing a small, darling blue. He cried softly, and moved towards the spectators, stopping in front of Lady Keyanki. The crowd hushed. Had the dragon chosen her? "He wants you to know that his name is Phynneth." Anikkol said from beside the Lady, "and that he looks forward to meeting your son." Sanjoral stared, and Keyanki looked surprized. "Son?" Aíkko nodded. "Phynneth insists your child is male." Sírino stepped forward, and made to take the fan. "Iíll take it..." he offered, but his younger brother declined. The blue lay beside Keyanki, and put his head in her lap, as his bond continued to fan the Lady. The pair knew their priorities.

Getting Phynneth settled, Aíkko smiled, and went off in search of Lady Keyanki so that he could make sure she was doing alright.


Merigel sat near her Green Dementh, her wonderful little dragonet, and reminisced about the hatching, more importantly, the hatching of her wonderful green dragonet.

The rock ricocheted off an egg, but skittered away. The rain picked up again, and the egg rocked on, itís inhabitant unphased. It hatched after a moment, revealing a minty green. She walked smoothly towards the candidates, her hide cooled by the misty rain. Merigel smiled, refreshed just looking at the green. Refreshed? No. Iím Dementh. The green told her, and Merigel grinned, and stepped forward to meet her dragon, out of the corner of her eye, she saw something surprising. A girl seated on the neck of a deep green dragon, dark hair streaming. Her pants ended suspiciously just below the knees. Thatís Twengithís rider. Dementh said. "I know, thatís my sister!" Merigel said, "Címon. I want to see Maranni!" Now, all five of the quintuplets from Two River rode dragons...

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