Anarchasis is Rousseau of the brook!

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Nations-states in the global capitalism

Does nation-state ever existed ? Is it’s a good concept for discussion ? (02/06/02)


Some (boring) remarks about unions

A reviews of positions about and against trade-unions (02/06/02)


Kautsky’ ghost, some questions about ultra-imperialism and Empire

When we speak of globalisation, the Kautsky’s ghost raise again… (02/06/02)


Our globalisation against global war

A short written at the beginning of Afghan war (02/06/02)


Some notes on capitalist-state in globalisation

An introduction to our problematic on the state question, currently in debate (16/02/02)


Open letter to the comrades of the Communist Party of the Workers of France on the situation in Ecuador
Analysis of marxist-leninists positions about the Ecuadorian revolt (02/09/00)


Tax havens, neoreformism and the role of the State in the new world order 
When ATTAC fights the tax havens while being aligned on the official positions of the State... or how the neoreformism proves to be to mix capitalism economy ideological mirror(05/07/00) 


Animal liberation 
On the
Peter Singer’s book. Reflections on the antispeciesism and its links with the anticapitalism (24/01/00)


Folowing a bookly convalescence... Let us pass to the serious things: Toni Negri in Exile 
Autopsy of an operaist and sexist philosopher... (07/02/00) 


Easy access ideas : handicaps as political critics
Even among libertarians, some people use mockery against handicaps or age against their political adversaries (26/02/00)

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