The dark horsemen



      A sharp piercing cry shot through the village of Clebro. A cry of agony and pain, that rang throughout the village walls and intruded on the hearts of its inhabitants. The young children of Clebro cowered in their beds daring not to move as they watched their windows, waiting for a shadow to fall on the street and the dark rider to pass throughout their town. A few brave guards men stood alone in the center of the village, holding torches up searching the night uselessly in the pouring rain. The torches provided little light when kept dry and where no protection from what they feared. The guardsmen stood still trying to protect their large old village from intruders. The walls surrounding the village did no good; people could just climb over the walls and enter an easy thing to do for a robber. However, this was no common robber they were dealing with, in fact robbers were the least of their worries. They stood in the cold of night waiting for the sound of hooves to clatter across the pavement and the dark rider to show his face once again in the town of Clebro.
“M’lan…M’lan…” A tall guardsman whispered to one of his friends standing near bye. “Remember last time?” He asked, keeping close to the ledge of the tower so he would not have to relight his torch again.
“Yeah…I don’t see why we have to stay here. All he wanted was that sword the youngsters took from him.” M’lan paused and looked to the distant cave on the boundaries of the village. “I wonder how the dragons can sleep on a night like this to dark and spooky.” He shuddered. They were standing under a particularly leaky ledge; it kept dripping on their torches.
“They shouldn’t have done that, that sword is…” He leaned over closely to M’lan. “Magic….” M’lan looked at him with shock on his face. In the town of Clebro, magic was a bad thing and to even mention it could get you in big trouble.
“Hey what’s that?” M’lan said leaning toward the pouring rain. The sound of footsteps trampling softly on the cobblestone roads echoed in M’aln’s mind. He shuddered. “Put out the torch!” He hissed at the other guardsmen. “He is coming!”
They stomped on their torches frantically and leaned back against the wall. The high-pitched cry rang through the village again piercing the minds of the two guardsmen. They peered out into the darkness their minds imaging shapes of riders mounted on horses. M’lan noticed the cry was closer this time, and he feared the rider was near. He shut his eyes and prayed he would not have to face him and hen he opened them. He saw what he feared, the muscular black horse standing in front of him, glaring down on M’lan with his fiery red eyes. And on top of it the black rider, a man/beast cloaked in all black. The only thing visible where his white-blue eyes that seemed to almost glow. They peered out at the two guardsmen narrowing slightly.
^M’lan, why do you fear me? I mean no harm to you personally, you shall live and so shall your friend. However, fear for the intolerant children that took my sword, they think it is funny huh? They shall pay when I catch them; this is the third time this month. ^ A smooth voice said inside M’lan’s head. He looked to his friend and stammered out something.
His friend was pale as a ghost and staring at the rider. M’lan turned back to look at him but he had vanished into the night. M’lan knew the young boy who had took the sword well; he was the half-brother of the town searchrider, Miza. Miza had left them a while ago going to Azon Wyer to become a search for her brother Sargon. She had promised to come back for her younger brother but so far, she had not returned. He feared greatly for this boy, his daring would get him in trouble.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The rider raced through the town peering into the shops with all-seeing eyes. He was searching for the young boy who had dared to touch his father’s priceless sword. The one he had fought to regain to his possession. This was the third time this boy had tired to take it and the rider was angry. His horse let loose another cry of pain and the rider patted him softly. ^Fear not Ganodor, we will have that brute soon. I am lucky enough to have you to depend on. You have the same curse as me…^ the rider said coaxing his tired mount soothingly. Ganodor snorted and continued the search. The horsemen lifted his head from coaxing the horse and whirled around the smell of fear was in the air. He saw a small girl crying in the streets setting by the old broken well. The horsemen sighed and trotted over to her. He coughed slightly and the girls’ attention sprang to him. He stopped crying immediately but moved closer to the well.
He sighed again. “Are you hurt young one? Can I help you?” She gazed at him shaking her head. “I mean no harm, you shouldn’t fear the darkness, and it isn’t bad.”
She looked from his horse and back to him. Most of the children, and adults he had run into would be running away screaming by now. “Mister, you cannot help me but you can give me a ride. My brother, he was foolish, he took a sword from a black horseman that lives outside of our village. I do not know why he took it, but I think he wants attention. He is going to get hurt mister, please I ask for only a ride to the cave he hides in.” She sniffed. “I fear he has gone after my big sister, the one he always talks about. I have never met her but she sounds so nice.”
He looked at the girl she was walking over to him. The scent of fear had faded from the air. He grinned underneath his cloak, she was quite brave. “Your horse is awfully nice, he’s looks like one of the ones we breed at our farm.” She said patting Ganodor on the nose tenderly. The rider was about to raise his voice in warning about Ganodor he did not like people much, but the horse seemed not to mind the young girl.
“Young lady,” He said. “I will take you where you want to go if given directions, but I must ask you of your name.” She looked at him a smiled. “My horse Ganodor, I haven’t a clue where he came from, for he ancient like my family.”
“My name…my family calls me Amia.”  She smiled again looking at his eyes. “Will you show me your face mister?” she walked over to the side of Ganodor and he grinned at her from underneath his cloak.
“Once we find your brother and he returns my sword. Then you may see my face. If you need to know why I keep my face concealed it is simple. I like my privacy.” He helped the girl onto the horse Ganodor and she sat in front of him petting the horse between his ears.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Ok over the bridge and he should be there mister. That’s his favorite spot in the while world.” Amia said to the dark horsemen as they crossed a bridge. The horsemen was quite most of the time, it was bright in the forest and he did not like bright most of the time. They neared a cave on the other side of the bridge, Amia hopped of and ran to the cave she ran inside and cam back with a tall scrawny boy about the age of twelve who was carrying a long hooked sword, which glowed light blue in the daylight. The boy looked up to the rider and gasp.
“Amia…. are you alright?” He stood in front of his sister protectively and waved a hand at the rider. “S-stay back! Don’t come any closer.” He held the sword up defensively.
The rider laughed cold and hard, his chin and mouth could be seen because of the daylight but the rest of his face was still shrouded in the shadows. “You have no clue what to do with that…” He put on a mocking voice. “Amell.” The boy went white in the face and dropped the sword.
Amia giggled and ran over to Ganodor a petted him some more. “Look Amell! It is one of our horses. This man took me to you, and I think he wants his sword back.” She said.
Amell picked up the sword and held it up defensively. “You’ll have to fight me for it...” He said swinging the blade. The rider again laughed cold and cruel. Amell glared at him, “Amia go into the cave and get Miza…go!” He yelled to Amia. The rider brought his horse forward and chuckled at the boy’s weak attempts to even hold the weapon.
“What’s this I hear about Miza?” a tall young girl said walking out of the cave, clad in riding leathers and a strange blue shirt she immediately glared at the horsemen. She mumbled something in an old language know only to those of the Weyrpeople of Azon. “Who are you and why are you here?” she demanded out of the rider.
He sat there unable to speak, his eyes gleaming their slivery blue at the tall girl. Her beauty astounded him. He picked up his head glaring into the forest, he felt the presence of anger in the air, not the kind Miza had made but a stronger one. He looked around himself seeing nothing he looked back to the girl. “Tell Amell he must give me my sword back, he could endanger himself and others. It is not your common household knife.” He held a black-gloved fist out.
The girl walked over to Amell grabbed the sword and walked it over to the rider. She smiled evilly at him and held the sword out. The presence of anger was even more attentive, in a split second he reached his hand out grabbed the sword, and whirled around. Behind him stood a large icy blue dragon glaring at him and snorting. He backed Ganodor away and stood equal to the tall girl. “Miza...” He said looking at the girl. “You might of mentioned Hawk.”
She glared at him. “How could you know my dragons’ name was Hawk?” The dragon came closer still snorting angrily. He shrugged.
“I can read minds.” He turned to face her. He felt the dragon walk behind him and teeth tugged on his robe. He was being pulled out of the air by Miza’s blue dragon.
Ha, ha…didn’t expect that now did ya? Hawk mumbled in his head. “Go ahead Hawk lets see what this brute really looks like.” Hawk dropped the rider to the ground and he landed with a thud. Miza walked over to him and pulled the hood of his face. She stepped back shocked. He had a very handsome face and black hair, his eyes were slivery blue and he was nicely tanned. Under his, now toren robe he wore a dark blue shirt and ants with blue-black bands on his legs and feet.
“Happy now?” He asked in his smoother than velvet voice. “Now just let me be on my way, I have gotten what I wanted.” He said angrily. He did not like when people saw what he looked like. They usually made fun of his eyes. He looked uneasily at Miza who was staring at him along with hawk, Amia and Amell. “What, am I that ugly?” 
“Uh…no....not really Miza stammered. I thought you were not a human. Otherwise we would have been nicer…” She blushed. “I’m very sorry.” She grinned “you can stay with us for a while. I was just taking Amell back home. He is not old enough to stay in the woods...” She looked at Amell and he sighed.
“Nor old enough to mess with weapons that he little understands.” The rider added buckling the sword to his belt. The light blue glow had faded from its metallic hide. He smiled at Miza, she was not the first who had admitted that he was not scary looking. “Why aren’t you frighten by my looks/?” he asked.
“My brother, he was eyes…” she walked over to him. She pulled on the clasp on his robe. “This color.” The clasp was shinny gold and looked almost yellow. “Plus he is creepy than you and uglier.” She stuck her tongue out. “You...however...you are kinda cute.” The rider grinned widely she was the first to tell him that. “Do you have a name?” She asked looking into his blue sliver eyes.
He did not speak at first lost of words then he suddenly found them. “I am called the dark horsemen buy your brother and the villagers of Clebro. To some I have no name. My family calls me Typhin.” He bowed low the ground.
    She smiled. “Typhin, that is a good name…” She walked over to Hawk. “This is Hawk, as you already now. “ Hawk looked at him nonchalantly. Miza kicked him. “Be polite,” she hissed.
Hello Typhin… he said.
Miza we need to get back to Azon, the Sargon wants to talk to us about Ryslen. There seems to be a clutch on the  sands and she wants us to help out. He stood up acting as if he was important.
She looked at Typhin. “Could you ride a dragon?” She said he eyes glazing over. Typhin knew she was talking to Hawk secretly. “Come on…it will be fun!” She said grabbing him by the wrist and dragging him up to Hawk.
He gulped. He did not like the idea of flying, even more on a dragon that did not exactly like him. “What about Ganodor?” He stammered looking at his beautiful black horse. “He doesn’t like people much…” Miza pulled him onto Hawk’s back. “And I don’t think Hawk is too found of me...”
“Hawk is just hot tempered…don’t worry about your horse he will be fine.” She yelled to Amell. “We will be back after the impression don’t go anywhere.” Typhin gulped again. What was he getting himself into… He had barley liked to go out in public now he had to face a whole group of people.
“Uh...Miza…what if I don’t impress?” He asked. Looking down at his rag-tag clothing. He was not dressed badly, just not good enough. He longed to be back at his cave and to grab some appropriate clothing.
You look fine, and plus there is no certain dress code just be who you are and you’ll do fine.” She glanced at him again. “Up Hawk!” She commanded at Hawk stubbornly left the ground. “Plus the female was caught by a half black dragon…”
Name: Typhin
Title: The Dark Horsemen
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: Pern
Pets: One black horse/??? Named Ganodor
Looks: dark brown/black hair blue slivery eyes. 6”4 with medium build. Strong and sort of handsome in a different way.
Personality: Concealed and secluded, does not like to go out in public because of his appearance. He can be very sweet when he is not stared at like a piece of dog crap.
Dragon: ?
Rank: ?
Typhin is standing at- Rylsen Weyr
picture drawn by- Sargon
At the hatching...

Typhin stood by the other candidates watching the dragon pick there chosen. He was nervous if he didn't bond. What would Miza think and worst of all what would Hawk think? Typhin talked to a few people trying to be friendly and left his hood back for most of the time, but he decided to remain cloaked for the actual egg hatching.
"Do you think I'll bond?" He hissed to Miza as she pushed him not the sands. He pulled back his hood not wanting to be seen by the other candidates.
"Of course you'll bond! If I can bond, you'll bond!" She hissed back and walked over to the sands and sat by Tiyanni, the Weyrwoman.
First was a blue, then a night green. Typhin eyed the green, she was pretty, and he thought maybe a night dragon would be something for him; they did look at bit darker than the normal Ryslen dragons.
Then came a bronze, another night green, a then a blue, one more night green, a regular green, a brown, then the beauty of the hatch, a night gold. The gold bonded an unusual candidate, a Zekiran breeder.
Four more eggs hatched, and Typhin began to worry, maybe a night colored dragon was out there for him, but not at this hatch. An angry brown hatched and bonded a Greek named Akillies. Typhin had talked to him earlier and was happy for him. Five eggs remained and Typhin's hopes soared down the drain, there were six candidates left.
An egg shattered distracting the audience and candidate's attention away from the brown. A beautiful night green came from the egg. She was somewhat small but evenly proportioned, and her wings had what looked like charred emerald in them. She raced across the sands directly towards Typhin. Typhin! She said her voice sounding sweet In Typhin's mind. For some reason he knew that he had been chosen and he knew his bond's name. "Xenoyth..." Typhin said proud that he had made a bond.

The beautiful night green ate only little she was to interested in talking to Typhin. So...when do I get fly? And who s that blue guy? And who is she? The dragon asked after she slurped up some meat.
Typhin smiled and pulled back his hood. "You can fly when your old enough, that is Hawk and this is Miza." Typhin said. This one was quite the talker.
"I've never seen such a pretty green..." Miza said, with  half here look. Typhin figured she was talking to Hawk.   
wow Typhin you have pretty eyes! The green said. Why do you stay behind your cloak? You are very handsome for a human!
Typhin smiled even more he liked this night green! " Truly I dunno Xenoyth, I just hate begin stared at..." Typhin looked at Miza she still had that glazed over look. "Are you talking to Hawk?" Typhin asked eyed her curiously.
"Yeah he wants to know who the green is." Miza said breaking out of her half there look and smiling. "she's so pretty....I wish we had green's like that at Azon..."
Azon? Where is Azon? What is Hawk saying? The night green said eagerly. Her eyes swirled dark blue and she looked at Typhin. do you like Miza?
"Azon is in, or is going to be in Rayllom. Hawk says he thinks you are pretty to Xenoyth." Miza said quietly. "and I don't know what Typhin thinks.."
Typhin's mouth dropped. This girl could hear dragons! And Rayllom?! "Miza...you can hear her?" Typhin said. Miza nodded, and grinned. "And Rayllom? I'm from Rayllom!" Typhin said amazed. "Can I go with you guys back?"
Don't forget me! I want to go now! Xenoyth said and jumped into Typhin's lap.
"I think you are a bit small Xenoyth...but when you grow we can go back." Typhin said and smiled at Miza and Xenoyth he had to wonderful girls to keep him occupied for quite some time.
"You'll be flying soon..." Typhin mubled stroking Xenoyth's hide She had grown even more beautiful and was a weyrling now.
I know and i want Hawk to catch my Typhin so you can be with Miza..Xenoyth said purring in her throat.
Typhin choked on air. "Your so nice Xeno...but i don't think she likes me..."
Of course she dose what's not to like???
Stop it! I mean it if you don't I'll hurt you!
Aw come now leave the poor little one alone! Get someone your own age!
I'm not little
Yes you are, littler than me
So! I'm all grown up now aren't I?
So? Your still a little green who couldn't possibly hurt me!
I'm going to ram you into the wall you jerk!

"Ok ok settle down settle down.." Miza yelled at Hawk and Xenoyth who had been doing this for the past month and a half. "Typhin she's way over do to rise.."

"no! No! she can't! she's not ready I mean look at her she's still small!" Typhin argued ignoring the fact that is medium sized perfectly proportioned night green had been due to rise for a long time.

"Typhin give it up already..." Miza said watching Xeno and Hawk who looked like they where going to tear each other apart. Typhin turned his pale colored eyes towards the very agitated Ryslen night green, he took a long breath and let it out very slowly. "fine fine...find a place.. and I'll do it..."

Miza grinned. "that's why we have SARGON!" She screamed the last word watching the dark haired yellow eyed man stop dead in his tracks and look at her like she was nuts.

"What??" He asked swerving around and walking towards his two, in Miza's opinion best searches. He looked from Miza's glowing smile to Typhin's scared half there look. "so he finally gave in huh?"

"please tell me this isn't happening?" Typhin said looking pathetically hopeful at Sargon, who laughed. "it's NOT funny!"

SHUT UP!!!!!! An usually cool and calm voice roared into his head and Typhin whirled around to see Xeno charging head first after Hawk who was cackling mentally to his also cocky bond.

Make me you pathetic excuse for a green! Hawk hissed back leaping up and flaring out his wings so that Xenoyth charged right underneath him strait at Typhin, Miza and the Sanrixian who was rolling on the floor laughing.

"Xeno!" Typhin called breaking the night's hateful stride and bringing her back down to reality. "What's gotten into you?"

I'm sorry Typhin really I am but he started it! And all those stupid blues! And even Bolton! Typhin make them stop please make them stop! Xenoyth whined into Typhin's head trying unsuccessfully to hide behind him. He looked back on the night-green who was looking around with her big rainbow colored eyes and twitching her tail. I don't want to I don't want to! She said placing her paws over her eyes and crying like a hatchling.

Typhin gazed at her, she had changed very much. Her night-green hide seemed to glow from the inside out making her shine like a star and her appetite had shot way way up, she was taking 4 herd beast instead of her usual three. "Well...I'm sorry Xeno you need to rise, Sarg says your way overdue...I won't let them hurt you ok?"

The green looked up at him eyes whirling a loving purple.
I trust you Typhin...please don't let him chase me... Xeno hissed watching the cloudy blue Hawk angrily. He's a jerk...
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