I was talking to a guy named Aires at the Hatch. He seemed very nervous about his impression. He needed to impress a kind dragon a strong huge kind dragon or his family name would be wrecked for ever. “Wow, I feel sorry for you man. That’s really sad.” I said patting him on the back. Sheath looked at him kindly then started singing a funny little song. “Um, dude what’s he doing?” aires asked me shocked. “Well, that’s his singing it’s not very good but he likes to sing to cheer people up.” I said patting sheath who was bellowing a loud chirp on my shoulder. I got a coulple of strange looks from a couple of people. “Thanks little guy, I feel better.” Aires said. I don’t think he likes to be stared at. Sheath quited down an froth looked at me like he wanted to sing. I mouthed the words no to him and he snorted. I walked inot the dining hall to gets some puch, I kinda wanted to get away from were Sheath made commotion.

When I got the punch, I heard a familiar voice calling my name. “Sky, come over here, come on or I’ll use your real name!” a voice shouted to me. I spit out my puch and started to cough. “Dad, I thought you weren’t coming.” I said looking at the sands were he arrived. “ Oh, of course I had to come to my Son’s impression.” He said getting of his giagantic Black-Bronze Bolton. Dad was always one to but on a show. It’s pretty hard to fit a 75 foot dragon on crowed sands. Bolton was easily the biggest there, he was standing halfway in the water so he wouldn’t step on any eggs. < Get this off me NOW!> A voice boomed in my head. Everyone standing nearby grabbed their ears. “Bolton shut-it.” Another voice said. I looked at Bolton he was wereing a Halloween jester hat. And bells on his ankles. He picked up a foot and tore at the bells with his teeth. < I don’t like it! I don’t like it! I don’t like it!> He whinned chewing on the ribbon. “ Shut It bolton now!” the voice yelled again.”Sky help me get down please?” I asked. “Kasta, you should have said something earlier! Bolton is going to fling you off with his figiting.” I said walking over to Bolton. He bent down so I could reach her. Even with him on his knees I had to stand on my tip toes. I grabbed her hand and helped her get down. “ Wow, I..Um.. didn’t know you were coming. “Were did dad-oh no.” I said looking at my father talking to Baeris. “Poor Baeris” I said. “He’s going to brag about our annual Halloween flight.” I said looking at Kasta. She looked very nice. She had a pink dress on with sparkles all over it and she had pink stripes in her hair. “Its Halloween not valentines day.” I said to her as we still stood there on the wet sand. She just smirked. “Fine then forget us!” Durath yelled at me from Bolton’s back. “sorry, I didn’t know you were there.” I said. “Here I’ll help-“ I said as Durath jumped off landing in the water face first.” Well, that was smart.” I said laughing. “Help me Sky! Please!” Shantah yelled. “Okay…fine…” I said and helped her down. She had a light blue dress on to match her eyes and her light brown hair. Durath got up now soaking wet in his once nice white polo shirt and kakis. “Oh well, they look better now” he said and smiled. I smiled back at him. “Hey at least You stayed clean. Kasta said. My light blue shirt and tan pants were very clean, I was thankful I wasn’t soaked cuz it was getting chilly. We headed toward the dining room to get some more punch and to stop my father’s bragging…

We walked up to the dining hall to get some puch. I looked over at a couple of human/ wolfs they were talking (or barking ) very fast then they looked at me. Out oh please don’t come over hear my friends don’t know I thought frantically to them. They  shook there heads and walked away. I caught a glance of some shapeshifters fighing some vampires which was quickly broken up. I was in the middle of talking to a boy named Aires when the eggs started to shake. I immediately ran back over to my friends and father.
a green gray egg started to shake and out popped a gray and green lightning stripted dragon. it looked up at the canidates and hummed a beautiful tune. I felt like I was drwn to it so I walked forward to meet it. "That was beautiful Moreith." i said. <I want to meet your freinds and fly and...> she said. I just smiled.
"Are you old enough to fly now Moriath?" I asked Moriath one day when we were passing the healing den, word was the were having a flight. < I think so, that would be fun...sign me up sky!>
Moriath is flying at
The healing den
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