The wind whistled against Sargon’s face. It was getting very chilly, chilly for a beach even. He looked up at the waiting males and signaled to their riders it was nearly time. He had just visited the 12 foot long gold named Killorith that would be the first dragon to lay eggs on the black sands of Azon.  He was very tired and angry with Killorith rider. It is not that he did not like ghosts, he did not mind them, but this ghost had a horrible attitude. He was pleasant when he was alive… Sargon thought to himself, why dose he have to be was a bastard about this? It is for his dragon’s own good. He cannot keep her locked up, the poor thing. His thoughts were interrupted by a loud yelp, which indicated it was almost time; Killorith had made a kill. He swerved around and headed towards the weyrbowl where the flight would take place…<Hurry! Hurry! They are taking wing! > Bolton yelled. Sargon clasp his head in his hands and yelled back at Bolton; “A little louder Please! I’m not nervous enough already!” He yelled back to Bolton and tripped over a boy running past him. He said a quick apology to the boy and was about to be on his way, when he took another look at the boy. “J’it, what by the shards of Bolton's egg, are you doing?” He said to the boy. “Isn’t Mikith out there? They’re starting as soon as I arrive can’t you hear the males roaring? Their impaient1” He said. “I know I know…” J’it said glancing sideways. “But I really have to use the bathroom.” He said. “Fine then hurry!” Sargon almost yelled. J’it was a funny boy a very young boy to ride such a mighty bronze.

Sargon smirked and whipped around another corner his black robe flaring up in the back. The impatient males roared again and Sargon pleaded with Bolton to tell them he was coming. One last roar from a small sheik Blue/purple dragon named Antuk. He liked this dragon a lot; he is considered a smallish blue, but not too small, and is ridden by a ghost named Morgania. His coloration was magnificent; he had stars on his smooth hide and planets on the membrane of his wings. In addition, he had come from the same place his son Skylar’s dragon had: The Healing Den.

Sargon sighed as he hurried past the small sliver Froinoith, ridden by the ever-annoying fairy Kntip. This dragon was just as annoying as his ridden always pestering always there, but had a good heart. He was almost there, but it would take him a little longer to arrive, and by the annoyed roars of the dragons, he must be there soon. He passed over the benches the crowds were sitting upon and notice the Cathiarte of Utopian Inness in the stands and the Master-Healer of the Healing Den alongside of her. He smiled to himself, maybe they were there to watch their full-grown dragons perform, or maybe they were there for kicks. Aires on bronze Voth and Ryder on blue-flare Waiterth were flying he said as he passed the above the two riders nervously biting their nails.

He was just above his destination now, a place next to his son to the right of the stands were The Cathairte and Master healer sat and also next to his love, Lady Kat. He could not take any more roaring and by the faces of the crowd every time a full grown male bellowed right next to them, they could not either. So being the ‘unique’ weyrleader he is, Sargon leapt off the balcony landing, right between his son and his wife. “Are you ready?” He asked the crowd. A roar of approval answered him and he was about to fall off his seat from excitement. Kat being a traditional weyr-ist she is cast him a disapproving glance. “Here we go!” He said as Killorith took wing.

The males followed her closely, making sure not to get to cocky. Killorith roared and stopped in mid-flight causing the three large males to fly past her. The smaller ones; Antuk and Froinoith hung back waiting for the right moment to strike. Out of nowhere, Waiterth dove at Killorith and tangled on to her. She fought him off ruggedly, slashing at him with her claws. When all failed she bite him impatiently in the side. He let go a rumble, then let his claws slide lose a little only to be greeted by a slap of a paw in the face. Killorith seemed to get impatient and slashed his wing knocking him off. Proud of her accomplishment she snorted and regained her study flight. Ryder watched as Waiterth tumbled to the ground, using his good wing to stop himself from falling.  Ryder ran over to comfort his injured dragon. Sargon glanced at Waiterth watching the dragon hobble over to the sidelines unable to return to the flight. Well one down…Sargon thought absently.

Next to make his advance was giant bronze Mikith. He glided leisurely up to the side off Killorith, waiting for her to notice him. He was somewhat hard to miss…being giant for one thing and with all of those ridged spikes on his back he was “unmissable”. He swerved to the right trying to grab her but missed and stumbled in mid air. Mikith was not to bright so he tried again this time almost crushing the small gold.  He decided to give it one more shot and fly back up to meet Killorith, from beneath. He did a very acrobatic move and flipped up on to her. His attempts failed once more he realized as Killorith slipped form underneath him and flew the other way. He flipped over himself and gave up, gliding down to meet his rider. Who had gotten out of the Bathroom just in time to see his acrobatics. Come on Killorith make it a little easier! Sargon thought to himself impatiently.

Voth made the next attempt, at 52 feet the largest one at the flight, He seemed the most likely to fail. His rider Aires however believed in him quite much, you could here his approving “whoops” from half way across the benches. Voth was an excellent flier and quite a smart dragon. He lunged forward to Killorith and grasp on to her trying to end the flight. She folded her wings and dropped 20 feet in the air. She almost hit the ground, but decided she wanted to go back up and give the bronze another chance but as Sargon watched her fly, she noticed the look on her face when she spotted Froinoith. Voth chased impatiently after her, just a tail’s length away, always seeming to reach his goal but always halfway away. He finally caught her by the tail and jumped onto he back. He had done it! Bronze Voth had caught golden Killorith! The crowd roared and Aires screams where heard the loudest. Then all of he sudden a deafening crack ripped through the Air. Sargon along with the whole crowd looked into the misty now night-ish air but saw nothing. The clouds shifted and a golden figure was flying free once again. A bronze shape glided dizzily back to the benches and Aires ran to his dragon. Sargon made out Voth telling Aires that he had run into a cliff that came out of nowhere…and had blown his chance. Sargon chuckled to himself  Voth you silly dragon…

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