I ran as fast as I could Akkeneton at my heels. <Faster, Faster! It is going to go! > He yelled at me. I ran as fast as I could the sweat now forming on my head. I looked over at the picture of the ligon for the last time.  I reached over and grabbed it. I looked behind me and saw the flames coming closer; the red orange glow was consuming my home. The dragonmen had already left, on the backs of their dragons and were carrying as many people as they could. I could not run any more it felt like my legs were going to bust. Akkeneton ran beneath me forcing me onto his back and we ran faster toward the entrance. “Wait mom and dad!” I screamed at my faithful ligon who had protected me since I was 10 turns. He looked up at me with a look of sorrow in his blue-sliver eyes. <They told me to get you out. > He said and increased the stride in his run.  I looked over my shoulder at the flames. I could feel their heat. I felt like there was a lump in my throat. I wiped the tears from my eyes with one hand, the other clutching onto Akkenton’s mane.
         As I looked back for a last glance at my beloved home, the whole thing burst into flames. I wiped my streaming eyes and sat down next to Akkeneton. <It was not your fault, I would have saved them if I could have…> He said dropping his ears. “Where are we going to go?” I asked him.  “I think we’re the only survivors, of the ones on foot.” I said clutching my knees to my chest and sighing. < Yes, I think we are. Do you hear that? > He asked cocking his ears up and looking around. “Hear what?” I asked. <Oh nothing… I think we shall head to Konica it is the closer of the two holds from here. They’ll give us a place to stay. > Akkeneton said. I looked up at his sliver-blue eyes, and his sliver mane. “He, he, I messed up your mane.” I said. Akkeneton hates it when people mess-up what he calls his mane. It is not even really a mane. It looks more like an extended mow-hawk.
He just made that chirping sound he makes when he is annoyed.  I looked at his wings; he could probably fly by now I thought to myself. “Why do you have wings and the ligon in the picture doesn’t?” I asked when I realized I was still clutching the picture. <I really do not know, maybe he was a king. > He said flexing his wings. I smiled,” Silly! It makes no sense for a king not to have wings, you must be king.”

One turn later…

           “Well, you were right you’re a better flyer than some dragons.” I said to Akkeneton as he flew me over the plains. < I have only been telling you this forever. Now shift into your snow-leopard form again, we must go hunting. > He said landing in a soft pile of snow. I looked down at his paw prints in the snow and tried to figure out how deep it was. “Hhhhhhmmm. It looks 4 inches deep. That’s deeper than we’ve had in a long time.” I said. I stood there for a moment shifting into my snow leopard form. A snow leopard is a gray-white animal with spots that look more like rings on it. They have big paws for climbing and long tails, for a reason unknown to me.

           <Okay, start the fire. We need to cook this fast. > I said to Akkeneton as he dawdled around looking at the horns of our kill. < I thought you were hungry. > I said. < Okay, okay here. > He said grabbing one of the last remaining matches out of our pack of things. “We will have to go back for more soon” I said shifting into human form and striking the match. As we ate, I started to think of my mother and her dragon, Smilith. “I wonder if smilith made it out okay.” I said to Akkeneton between bites. < She did not… I saw her go back for your mom. > He said. <Well, you know you will have to impress some day. > He said changing the subject. “Oh no not me. Dragons and me, well I don’t know it’s just…” I said. <Your mom rode one. > He finished for me. I nodded and took another bite of meat. <Your mom would want you to ride. Where did she impress? > Akkeneton asked me biting of a chunk of meat bigger than he cold swallow in one bite. “ I think, Ryslen. However, I am not sure. “ I said. <Then she would want you to impress there. Come on tomorrow were off to
Ryslen Weyr. > He said. “Umm okay. I guess.” I said throwing the rest of my dinner to the wolves that were roaming outside of our cave. I yawned and lay down on the cold stone floor. I fell asleep wondering what it would be like to be a dragon rider.

          I awoke and looked up at the sky, through the hole at the top of our cave. The moon glowed like a sliver ghost in the mists of the gray-white clouds. I looked around wondering what had wakened me. I got up and went to the front of our cave. There was fresh snow. You could see the tiny little crystals glittering in the moonlight. I looked across the tundra up to the cliff that stuck out so awkwardly in the frozen plains I lived in. there was a lone wolf with it’s nose tilted to the sky howling up at the moon. Even though it was far away, I could see a look of loneliness in its eyes. I sighed to myself and wondered if I did not have Akkeneton my faithful friend, would I be alive still? Or would I have been forgotten? Said to have died with her father and mother, lady Kat a once proud daughter of two faithful dragonmen. I walked back into the cave assuming it was the wolf that woke me.

        I awoke again for the 3rd time this day. I looked up my vision starting to focus, I was looking into the eyes of a blue dragon crouched at my feet leaning over me. < J’rin, she’s starting to wake up.> The dragon said. I looked around trying to remember were I was.  I’m in the cave, there’s a strange dragon talking to a strange man. Um, were’s Akkeneton?. I thought. “Amitath, you might want to come over here, it’s telling me it’s her friend.” I looked up at a man standing over me. He looked about in his mid twenties. “Who are you and what are you doing in my cave? Were is Akkeneton?” I said getting to my feet. I looked around and saw my faithful ligon tied to a rock in the back of our cave. I gasped and ran to him, un-tieing the knots. Once I finished I stepped back and let him get to his feet. And for the first time in my life I heard Akkeneton roar. It wasn’t a sissy roar or a roar you would hear from a common cat, this was a full blown dragon roar. The dragon and rider stepped back, with looks of shock on their faces. “what are you here for?” I demaned. “My name is J’rin and this is Amitath. We’re here to take you to Ryslen. We want you to be a canidate." I gulped and said: "Well okay."
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